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Stateless in Selayang

I do not expect the DAP’s Lambs of God to personally take Rohingya street children into their home to shelter, feed and clothe the brats.

All I’m asking is whether their party has any policy or five-year plan regarding the more than 200,000 Rohingya now living here. Continue reading “Stateless in Selayang”

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“Mahathir Mohamad publicly castrated Lim Guan Eng” — Thayaparan (Malaysiakini)

“In Pakatan Harapan’s brief tenure in the federal government, former prime minister (twice) Dr Mahathir Mohamad publicly castrated Lim Guan Eng, when he said that Lim had to run everything through him before he made any important decisions” wrote Thayaparan in his Malaysiakini column yesterday. Continue reading ““Mahathir Mohamad publicly castrated Lim Guan Eng” — Thayaparan (Malaysiakini)”