Will Dapsters start emigrating now?

Hannah Yeoh’s tweet from a decade ago – see below – had urged young people (who desired to emigrate) to change the government instead.

Well, DAP got the ‘ubah’ they wanted. The government changed in May 2018, in March 2020 and in August 2021.

So now what, DAP? Continue reading “Will Dapsters start emigrating now?”

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Oooo Saddiq, ain’t karma a bitch?

The young pipsqueak used to kuat berlagak and arrogantly put down lots of people, especially Indians, and he even called one group of activists “bodoh sombong” not all that long ago (August 2019). Continue reading “Oooo Saddiq, ain’t karma a bitch?”


Mr P. Gunasegaram, lemme tell you about ‘jampi Kassim Baba buka pintu gua’ … Sinchew style

Focus Malaysia editor-in-chief P. Gunasegaram recently penned an op-ed titled ‘Sizing up Syed Saddiq’.

Dear Mr Guna,

In the Ali Baba Bujang Lapok P. Ramlee comedy – see video clip below – its protagonists have to repeat a special verse (‘password’) to open the entrance of the treasure cave.

In bahasa Jawa, the enigmatic phrase is ‘Eson ngiseng semar ngiseng kabeh wong poto ngiseng’. In Mandarin, it is 我们都是一家人 or its pinyin script “Wo men dou shi yi jia ren“. Continue reading “Mr P. Gunasegaram, lemme tell you about ‘jampi Kassim Baba buka pintu gua’ … Sinchew style”


Karma is a sweet little kitty, meow


Oh dear. This post is getting a lot of views. I’m afraid the pet lovers are clicking, thinking my story is about a cute kitten named Karma. The usual English expression is “Karma’s a bitch” but I thought the word ‘bitch’ kinda rude to be put in the headline, so I replaced it euphemistically with something the opposite — “sweet little kitty”.

I apologize to those misled by the title who clicked only to find a political flashback instead.

New headline: He who laughs last laughs best

Continue reading “Karma is a sweet little kitty, meow”


Symbiosis of Christian DAP and Chinese supporters

UPDATE: Lim Kit Siang has just proclaimed; “I was accused of masterminding a Christianisation campaign to turn Malaysia into a Christian state, despite me not being a Christian”.

It is true that LKS himself is not Christian but there is no denying his son and his daughter-in-law are.

And Christians are not sinless despite their copious virtue signaling. Continue reading “Symbiosis of Christian DAP and Chinese supporters”


DAP Christians support Jawi / pls start implementing nationwide

In the latest development, PAS is appreciative that DAP (at the party federal level) had quickly shut down Pahang DAP’s opposition to having mandatory Jawi signboard for shops in the state.

PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim yesterday lauded the requirement by Pahang that signages and street signs all feature the Jawi script.

The Islamist party also called on the rest of the states in Malaysia to implement a similar policy. Their evangelical party counterpart will doubtless throw their support behind this laudable Jawi agenda. Continue reading “DAP Christians support Jawi / pls start implementing nationwide”

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111-109 is not viable for a government, fresh polls please!

A snap election is our best option to return the mandate to the rakyat.

Some MPs have been playing musical chairs and their shifting allegiances distorted the real wishes of Malaysian voters. So rather than the party label that’s currently tagged to a frog MP, it is actually the voter trend in his area that gives an accurate reflection of the will of the people. Continue reading “111-109 is not viable for a government, fresh polls please!”


Sinchew’s Stockholm Syndrome post Sheraton Storm

The Chinese in Malaysia are a sad people. But sad not meaning ‘sedih’.

Here it is like saying “Cina DAP, uh … Sad!” borrowing Donald Trump’s punctuated use of the word. As in ‘kesian, but not really’. More like ‘Tengok dema dok hanyut terkapai-kapai kerana terlajak perahu dah tak ‘leh undur dah’.

Malaysia’s Chinese community – or rather 95 percent of its voters – bought a one-way ticket to sail on the Ship of False Hope.

“Chinese Malaysians can no longer put all the eggs in the same basket, as they did in GE14,” Sin Chew Daily editor-in-chief Kuik Cheng Kang wrote yesterday in anticipation of a GE15 snap election. Continue reading “Sinchew’s Stockholm Syndrome post Sheraton Storm”


DAP’s belief in third time lucky with Mahathir

Syed Hamid Albar slammed Muhyiddin’s government last month for its decision to “block the live-saving rescue of refugees on boats”.

Syed Hamid commented on May 2 that “the recent backlash against the Rohingya by Malaysian citizens also indicates the implication of the absence of government policies to develop policies and frameworks to regularize people who require our protection”. Continue reading “DAP’s belief in third time lucky with Mahathir”


May 11-18: Busiest political week in M’sian history

Parliament will only sit a day on May 18 but like Guy Fawkes, Mahathir is determined to colour that one day dynamite. May 18 may be full of fireworks or it may turn out to be just a damp squib … we wait and see. However the week leading up to D-Day is gonna be real busy, heh heh heh. Continue reading “May 11-18: Busiest political week in M’sian history”

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Lim Khat Siang needlessly browbeat Chinese kids to learn Jawi

Even Mahathir fails to see any need for Chinese pupils to learn Jawi. “Apa perlunya kita suruh dia tulis Jawi?”

Unlike Malay children who are Muslim, the Chinese [who belong to religions other than Islam] don’t recite the Quran, the ex-premier said in an exclusive interview with a Malay daily. “Tulisan Jawi untuk budak-budak Islam, budak-budak Melayu. Kita nak kena baca Quran. Kita kena tahu Jawi.” Continue reading “Lim Khat Siang needlessly browbeat Chinese kids to learn Jawi”


Bingo! Perikatan has just clinched its majority in parliament

Oopsie, it looks like Mahathir lost his self-claimed ‘113’ majority of MPs.

Muhyiddin has announced a huuuge cabinet. Among his new ministers and deputies designate are Eddin Syazlee Shith, Maximus Ongkili, Jonathan Yasin and Jeffrey Kitingan.

The four names above are MPs that were included in the Team Mahathir list that was being widely circulated when the two sides were neck-and-neck in their chase for the ‘112’ magic number.

Logic dictates that if the aforementioned quartet accepted these ministerial appointments in the Muhyiddin administration, then they can no longer be aligned with the Harapan-Mahathir camp. Continue reading “Bingo! Perikatan has just clinched its majority in parliament”

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More Chinese cabinet ministers under BN than during Harapan interregnum

Compare the cabinet line-up under two rival administrations — the first one recently when Chinese voters gave their 95 percent support to Harapan, with the second one previously when the Chinese extended less than 50 percent electoral support to BN.

Under Mahathir as prime minister 2.0, there were five Chinese ministers and eight Chinese deputy ministers. Under Abdullah Badawi in 2004, there were six Chinese ministers and twelve Chinese deputy ministers — see full list below. Continue reading “More Chinese cabinet ministers under BN than during Harapan interregnum”

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Brexit voters are “stupid”, Labour top gun alleged to have said

One of the frontrunners to be the next leader of the Labour Party, Emily Thornberry (below), is quoted by her party colleagues as saying “I’m glad my constituents aren’t as stupid as yours”.

Thornberry, who is anti Brexit, successfully retained her parliament seat of Islington South in the British snap election. Her constituency neighbours that of Jeremy Corbyn’s in Islington North. Continue reading “Brexit voters are “stupid”, Labour top gun alleged to have said”

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Woohoo! Labour buried under Tory landslide

FINAL UPDATE: Tories 364 seats, Labour 202. There’s still one last seat left to be called. Labour has suffered a bloodbath – losing a total of 60 seats so far.

Exit polls predict the Conservatives headed for a big win in the UK snap election, taking 368 seats to Labour’s 191.

British voters have emphatically turned against the ‘Ubah’ Labour party peddling its false Hope and impossible promises. (And the same fate awaits the DAP.)

Continue reading “Woohoo! Labour buried under Tory landslide”