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Err, where is the UEC special taskforce report?

Muhyiddin received Chinese visitors from Hua Zong yesterday who left with the impression that our PM will endorse the UEC.

Recognition of UEC was one of Harapan’s promises made in their manifesto. The 95-percent-voters want to collect from the current Malay government (which they did not vote for) an election promise made by DAP. Now that’s ‘C for Chutzpah’ ! Continue reading “Err, where is the UEC special taskforce report?”

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Tun the 5½ foot walking screwdriver

Umno now views MCA as Gunting Dalam Lipatan. The parti keramat is aware that the Chinese BN party has been secretly bersekongkol dengan DAP and thus enabling the evangelical party’s politics of hate.

More and more Malays are wising up. They’ve finally begun to realize that the spite and malice of DAP evangelistas know no bounds, and no amount of deflection by MCA can whitewash this fact. Continue reading “Tun the 5½ foot walking screwdriver”

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Namewee’s fan base may be spark for Arab Spring

Namewee’s controversial OMG! video clip has gotten more than 823,000 views on YouTube since the singer uploaded it on Saturday (Aug 20).

And see – screenshot  below – what his online viewers say they wanna do to our stoopid gomen.

If Bersih 5.0 is recruiting Yellow Shirts, then Maria Chin Abdullah should outreach to the rapper’s gazillion foul-mouthed fans.

Continue reading “Namewee’s fan base may be spark for Arab Spring”

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Ex-Miss Malaysia losing a lot of money

Before I blog about the former Miss Malaysia and her money being parted, here’s a quick look at the questionable ‘niat’ behind the way people dress, including the said ex-beauty queen.

First, to illustrate how jaw-dropping a starlet’s fashion sense can be – the photo gallery below is of American celebrities at the Emmy Awards and other gala events. What is the intention behind their dressing like that? Continue reading “Ex-Miss Malaysia losing a lot of money”

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Hannah Yeoh: BN’s “pathetic” people with their “backward thinking”

“The Malay psyche appears simple in essence and yet it is complex in fathoming. A non-Malay, who has only a superficial relationship with a Malay, can easily fall into the trap of taking the Malay for granted.” – Dr Ismail Noor and Muhammad Azaham Wahab (The Malays Par Excellence … Warts and All, p.19)

Hannah YeohJune2012
Hannah Yeoh – So pathetic uols and backward thinking

Continue reading “Hannah Yeoh: BN’s “pathetic” people with their “backward thinking””

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Gang of Six: 2 guilty and jailed, Haris plus 3 more awaiting trial

Haris Ibrahim is presently facing a sedition charge for his words uttered in a public forum at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall on the night of 13 May 2013.

Also awaiting trial for speeches delivered at the aforementioned KLSCAH forum are Reformasi icon Hishamuddin Rais, PKR vice president Tian Chua and the son of former Deputy Minister Ghafar Baba, Tamrin Ghafar.

Continue reading “Gang of Six: 2 guilty and jailed, Haris plus 3 more awaiting trial”

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National reconciliation, DAP style

The exchange between Onyourtoes and Anticommunalist are taken from the reader comments section in today’s Malaysiakini article, ‘By-election hopeful caught in racism row‘. The Kajang by-election prospective candidate referred to in the Malaysiakini article is Yuktes Vijay.

Yuktes had courted controversy and the ire of the Dapsters with his Facebook posting below. Continue reading “National reconciliation, DAP style”

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Don’t let the Dapsters grind you down, Annie

The YouTube below is for blogger Annie who is feeling down due to the incessant harassment by Dapsters. The Komtar cybertroopers have been stalking Annie’s blog from Day 1 due to her meteoric rise and impact.

The video song is by U2 and a line in its lyrics goes “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”. Continue reading “Don’t let the Dapsters grind you down, Annie”

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Pasca PRU13: 1Parti pemerintah, 1Parti pembangkang

Malaysia mempunyai sebanyak 32 buah parti politik yang berdaftar dengan Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya.

Parti-parti yang tidak tergolong dalam BN adalah seperti berikut:

DAP, PAS, PKR, PRM, PSM, PCM, SNAP, SAPP, STAR, KITA, Berjasa, Malaysian Workers’ Party (MWP), Sarawak Worker’s Party (SWP), Malaysia United People’s Party (MUPP), Parti Kongres Indian Muslim Malaysia (Kimma), Parti Makkal Sakti, Parti Barisan India Se-Malaysia (AMIPF), Parti Punjabi Malaysia (PPM) dan Parti Kongres Ceylonese Malaysia (MCC)

Jelas parti pembangkang utama adalah DAP yang pada masa ini menduduki 29 kerusi Parlimen.

PKR tinggal 23 kerusi Parlimen selepas beberapa orang wakilnya keluar parti manakala PAS mempunyai 22 kerusi.

Continue reading “Pasca PRU13: 1Parti pemerintah, 1Parti pembangkang”

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Talam: Tikam lidah ‘no class’, “bye-bye MCA”

Bersambung daripada ‘The Star iPad berkempen pilihanraya untuk DAP’.

Ketua biro penerangan DAP, Tony Pua mendakwa Timbalan Menteri Pertanian dan Industri Asas Tani, Chua Tee Yong tidak layak berdepan dengan Menteri Besar Selangor Khalid Ibahim kerana tidak cukup pangkat.

Continue reading “Talam: Tikam lidah ‘no class’, “bye-bye MCA””

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Guan Eng accused “BN-controlled media” of exploiting Buddhist bodies to run down Penang govt

The headline above is an accidental walk down memory lane.

On Saturday I blogged how Lim Guan Eng, Lim Kit Siang and the DAP in their websites as well as the Hannah Yeoh blog and the DAP Subang Jaya Facebook failed to wish Buddhists a happy Wesak Day.

A reader calling himself ‘Tao tze’ left a comment asking Continue reading “Guan Eng accused “BN-controlled media” of exploiting Buddhist bodies to run down Penang govt”

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Apa erti parti yang SEMUA kerusinya di kawasan Cina?

Tidak pernah lekang dari bibir setiausaha agung DAP titisan-titisan madu, kononnya begitu sayang pada Melayu dan juga sayang suku-suku bangsa lain:

“Pakatan Rakyat does not believe in BN’s racial politics emphasising an old agenda of ‘a Malay leader taking care of a Malay, a Chinese leader taking care of a Chinese and an Indian leader taking care of an Indian’. Continue reading “Apa erti parti yang SEMUA kerusinya di kawasan Cina?”