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Dong Zong’s 926 Save Chinese Education campaign

Dong Zong plans to hold a rally dubbed ‘Save Chinese education campaign’ on Sept 26 outside the Parliament building.

Its 926 online petition is revealing of the Chinese mindset. Continue reading “Dong Zong’s 926 Save Chinese Education campaign”

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The Star still not acknowledging its plagiarism

Malaysian Media Matters (MMM) last week detailed in three consecutive blog postings a prima facie case for plagiarism in The Star.

A columnist in the MCA-owned tabloid had apparently lifted passages verbatim from The Daily Mail (UK paper), from The New York Times, from a Yahoo! article, from a UK property website, from trade journal Psychology Today, from a professional guide to resume writing, from the work of a professor in a Columbia University publication, and likely from many more sources … but who’s counting.

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