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Nothing controversial in what Wan Fayhsal said

Refer to my yesterday’s blog post.

The Dapster mob had gone on a rampage dissing Deputy National Unity Minister Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal as a divisive moron. Dapsters also decried those who support Malay political parties as stupid voters. Continue reading “Nothing controversial in what Wan Fayhsal said”

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“Diversity is our strength”… Really? I don’t think so

Malaysian Chinese are really, truly over the top in promoting their idea of “multiculturalism” and “pluralism”.

See below Sin Chew’s pitch a couple of days ago that ‘Our diversity is our strength: a reflection on Rukun Negara’.

Continue reading ““Diversity is our strength”… Really? I don’t think so”

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Diversity — dead or alive?

That Sin Chew is astute when it comes to clarifying the sentiments of our local Chinese community is unsurprising given this daily broadsheet is the largest circulation Chinese-language newspaper outside of Greater China.

As the go-to trusty signpost, Sin Chew is accurate in parleying the Chinese mindset but unfortunately when it relates to the Malay psyche, not so much. Continue reading “Diversity — dead or alive?”