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Guan Eng’s takeover of DAP Johor, Kedah and next Malacca

DAP is becoming more and more the Dictator’s Action Party.

Frustrated Boo won’t lead Johor DAP any more’ reported the headline in today’s Malaysiakini. DAP Johor chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau today announced that he will not be defending his position when the state-level party election is called (anytime within the next 3 months).

Three weeks ago, I’d blogged about the KOBAN – Knock Out Boo And Norman – campaign launched by Lim Guan Eng’s black hand. The koban has successfully drawn blood, fatally. ‘B’ and ‘N’ (DAP Johor deputy chairman Norman Fernandez) have been politically liquidated, and Guan Eng’s proxies have arrived right at Umno’s fortress doorstep. Continue reading “Guan Eng’s takeover of DAP Johor, Kedah and next Malacca”

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Lim Senior & Boy-Boy power in on Johor DAP

When I posted my hypothesis that it would be a good tactical move of the DAP to field an Indian candidate in a Chinese-majority area, I had based it on an announcement made by Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau.

However Dr Boo had said that a fortnight ago. My theory on Labis – following up on Dr Boo’s remarks – sounds like reasonable strategy on paper but that might be as far as it goes. There’s a popular saying “A week can be a lifetime in politics”. Continue reading “Lim Senior & Boy-Boy power in on Johor DAP”

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Tangan hitam yang satu lagi di Johor

Pengerusi DAP Johor Dr Boo Cheng Hau mendakwa ada wujud suatu gerakan “不要讓行動黨太強大” (‘Jangan dibiarkan DAP menjadi terlalu kuat’) bertujuan untuk membuntu pertumbuhan partinya di negeri tersebut.

Katanya gerakan cuba mengekang perkembangan pengaruh DAP telah mula dijalankan sejak beberapa bulan lepas oleh orang [upahan] “tidak dikenali” yang bertopengkan NGO.

Continue reading “Tangan hitam yang satu lagi di Johor”