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Khat: DAP treating Chinese like idiots!

Now the DAP deputy cabinet member in the Education Ministry is saying Chinese school pupils will not have to learn Jawi but only to produce (calligraphy) the khat.

That is really insulting their parents’ (the 95% Chinese DAP voters) intelligence.

Here’s the analogy. You can’t do Chinese calligraphy meaningfully if you do not know or have never learned Chinese script. Continue reading “Khat: DAP treating Chinese like idiots!”

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MCA strongly upholds the right of evangelists to preach

MCA vehemently condemns what it calls the “extremist statement hurting the Christians” made recently by the president of PAS.

The BN Chinese party president Liow Tiong Lai called the statement by Hadi Awang “dangerous and irresponsible”. Continue reading “MCA strongly upholds the right of evangelists to preach”

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Driving a wedge between peninsula and Sabah & Sarawak

Continues from ‘National Security Council is mini Mageran 2.0, say the NGOs‘.

Some of these NGOs are proxies for the opposition parties.

The issues which the oppo will not be letting go in the run-up to GE14 are 1MDB, RM2.6b donation and now the latest — the NGOs’ #TakNakDiktator meme. Continue reading “Driving a wedge between peninsula and Sabah & Sarawak”


France elections: ‘Clash of civilizations’ — a believable theory

The far right party FN (Front National) won the first round of regional elections held yesterday in France. It’s a historic win to take place in such a liberal country.

FN is often accused by the liberals of being “divisive”, i.e. anti immigrants and “intolerant”, i.e. anti Islam/Muslims. Continue reading “France elections: ‘Clash of civilizations’ — a believable theory”

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What is The Heat trying to do?!

This publication, The Heat, has been suspended once before by the Home Ministry.

See the first paragraph (below) of its main article today —

Eddie Hoo writes in The Heat:


“The tone has been set for the Umno General Assembly 2015 as the president of the most dominant party in the country opens it by screening slides of the bloody May 13 race riots and the communist attacks in Malaya. Every year it resurrects the same bogeyman at its assembly.”


Continue reading “What is The Heat trying to do?!”


Ambassador settles the question – we ARE Chinese, hooray!

Thank you so very much, Your Excellency.

After the years of rabid harassment and attempted ethnic cleansing by the DAP to deny us of our roots, cultural heritage and blood ties to our motherland, at last the envoy from China has anointed us as bona fide Chinese.

Hannah Racist Ugly Mouth Hodoh

Continue reading “Ambassador settles the question – we ARE Chinese, hooray!”

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Uses of political Christianity to the evangelical party

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The Butcher of Betelham and his excuses, excuses, excuses

By Mulan

Adolph Lim knows that the church is the best way to halalkan the killing of dogs. No Buddhist, Taoist or Hindu temple will endorse and halalkan his actions because of the fear of karma.

Continue reading “Uses of political Christianity to the evangelical party”


Chinese warned to keep away from Red Shirt rally venues but …

Non-Muslims have been advised to steer clear of the Bukit Bintang and Petaling Street areas in Kuala Lumpur on Sept 16.

I have a little conundrum on HYPOCRISY and HATRED for you to ponder on but first, the latest news on the Red Shirts rally, below. Continue reading “Chinese warned to keep away from Red Shirt rally venues but …”


With unity, Malays can grab Selangor back

Umno has nothing to lose and everything to gain if a state reelection were to be held in Selangor.

PAS ceasing co-operation with DAP will rock the political equation. Once PAS Malays stop aligning themselves with Pakatan, the DAP will naturally succumb to the Malay in-built advantage of rural weightage.

I’ll show you how a quarter (24.0%) of the Pakatan “popular vote” in Selangor actually came only from the DAP’s Top 10 state seats alone.

Continue reading “With unity, Malays can grab Selangor back”

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Sell J-Star to DAP for one ringgit, MCA urged

Regular commenter zack suggested @ 2015/04/23 at 7:30 am: “You are right Helen. In fact MCA should sell it at nominal fee of RM1 to DAP.” Another reader albi commented @ 2015/04/23 at 11:04 am:

“Just like Hannah Yeoh I really pity MCA and Gerakan. To fight against this DAP propaganda machinery and regain the Chinese support is certainly no easy task.”

Albi is alluding to the ‘pity’ that Madame Speaker feels for Gerakan and MIC. feel very sorry for MIC hannahyeoh Continue reading “Sell J-Star to DAP for one ringgit, MCA urged”

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Masuk mulut buaya

Cukup-cukuplah orang Melayu dibuli oleh golongan “moderat”

moderate kelabu asap


“Menuntut kalimah Allah digunakan selain daripada agama Islam bukan hanya satu tindakan melampau yang dilakukan oleh golongan pelampau, tetapi boleh dikategorikan sebagai kumpulan pelampau yang amat kurang ajar.” –

“Maka setiap kali membuka The Star dan membaca perkataan ‘moderate’ digunakan kepada figura-figura yang bergerak membuat tuntutan yang bertentangan dengan Perlembagaan, Prinsip-Prinsip Rukun Negara dan Undang-Undang, maka ketahuilah, apa yang cuba dipaparkan itu adalah golongan moderate kelabu asap.” – Ben Yaacob

BAWAH: Penulis Star Niki Cheong, wajah Voice of Moderation yang biaDAP, menggelar Peguam Negara sebagai seorang “idiot”

Niki Cheong

Niki Cheong

Continue reading “Masuk mulut buaya”

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How the porky got fried – Dapsters dikenakan dengan pelantikan Azmin

“Mana yang bodoh saja percaya Azmin dapat ‘sokongan penuh’ Pakatan dalam masa semalaman untuk jadi Menteri Besar Selangor seperti mana dalam kenyataan Azizah dan Guan Eng semalam. Logiknya, tak sampai sebulan lepas 30 ADUN Pakatan tandatangan akuan bersumpah sokong Azizah, tiba-tiba lupa semua tu dan sokong Azmin?”

“Suka tak suka, DAP kena main, terjebak dengan ‘game’ politik Melayu…” Continue reading “How the porky got fried – Dapsters dikenakan dengan pelantikan Azmin”