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DAP dapat durian runtuh / ICERD umpama ‘Malayan Union 2.0’

Takbir Allahuakbar, “Hidup Islam” dan “Bangkit ummah” bergema di himpunan protes menentang ICERD yang berlangsung dua hari lepas.

Dalam klip video di bawah sepanjang 16 minit, tidak kedengaran pun apa-apa laungan “Hidup Melayu” atau “Bangkit Melayu” di kalangan peserta yang sedang berarak ke bangunan parlimen. Continue reading “DAP dapat durian runtuh / ICERD umpama ‘Malayan Union 2.0’”

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The Star thinks Malays are stupid

Please read the following article by The Star senior editor June H.L. Wong very, very carefully.

By the way, June Wong is up there among the heavenly Wongs (Star ‘kings’) alongside Wong Chun Wai.

After you finish reading, and if you are a BN supporter, please think very, very clearly what you would advocate that the BN should do with the MCA. Continue reading “The Star thinks Malays are stupid”

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The ‘chauvinist’ label, Chinese self-destructiveness & changing dynamics

1. When some Malays ask the Chinese, for example those unable to speak the national language, to “balik Tongsan”, some Chinese get angry.

But when the Chinese ourselves talk about how popular-destination Western countries treat minorities better (i.e. ostensibly no colour bar) and how it’s better for Malaysian minorities to emigrate, then the idea of relocating (to New Zealand, say) doesn’t make Chinese angry compared to the indignation at being told to relocate to China.

Continue reading “The ‘chauvinist’ label, Chinese self-destructiveness & changing dynamics”