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Najib must stop pandering to the evangelistas!

Why does Najib Razak coddle a Firster like Saifuddin Abdullah who is rejected by Umno Temerloh and the Malay voters in his area? Orang Melayu buang, Najib pungut.

This Saifuddin chap is a Dapster darling. Umno supporters do not like him.

Namun Saifuddin masih diangkat oleh Sang Presiden parti Melayu tu untuk menerajui Najib’s pet NGO – the Moderates Movement. Continue reading “Najib must stop pandering to the evangelistas!”

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Isma targetted because they are exposing the evangelista agenda

There are 2.08 billion Muslims in the world.

Wherever the Muslim lives, whether it is in Morocco (99.9% Muslim pop.), in Mauritius (16.6% Muslim pop.) or in Mongolia (4.4% Muslim pop.), each and every one of these 2,080,000,000 Muslims calls his God by no other name than Allah.

If you asked a Swiss in Switzerland, a Swazi in Swaziland, a Thai in Thailand or a Finn in Finland – “What is the name of God in Islam?”, every single one of them will answer “Allah”.

It is only in Malaysia that Continue reading “Isma targetted because they are exposing the evangelista agenda”