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Malays wise up to the MCA’s double game

By Darlyn Azlinda

Seriously, in my opinion, MCA is scared.

The Chinese in MCA is actually the minority of the Chinese in Malaysia. Well, you can guess who is the majority, right? Look at in any social media, Umno and PR followers are actually quite balanced. Even MIC followers play their parts well to counter.

Then see MCA and DAP. It is like langit dengan bumi! Continue reading “Malays wise up to the MCA’s double game”

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Tengku Adnan ada satu silap

Para pengkaji politik berpandangan bahawa Pakatan menguasai alam maya, kata satu laporan The Malaysian Insider semalam.

“Analysts said much of PR’s success came from its pivotal early recognition and exploitation of the Internet as an effective campaigning platform. To this day, the Internet is still seen an opposition-dominated domain,” mengikut laporan TMI itu. Continue reading “Tengku Adnan ada satu silap”

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Marina Mahathir on whether Facebook, Twitter threaten national security

Speech bubble content taken from The Edge article yesterday, ‘Ridiculous to say Facebook, Twitter pose national security threat‘.

Marina Mahathir was a panellist in the National Young Lawyers forum titled ‘Social Media: Guilty! For Updating Your Facebook and Tweeting’. Continue reading “Marina Mahathir on whether Facebook, Twitter threaten national security”