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Will Terengganu Islam soon cross the Titiwangsa?

Beginning this year, all supermarkets in Terengganu are required to close for two hours during zohor on Fridays.

Then there is the plan to punish Terengganu men who miss the Friday congregational prayers by parading them in hearses around town.

It was also reported that Muslim couples riding a motorcycle together in Terengganu, if not married to each other, would have to attend a religious counselling session. Continue reading “Will Terengganu Islam soon cross the Titiwangsa?”

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Muslims wear cross for fashion, ok what, says Playboy bunny fan

Below are some reader responses to the article ‘I wear the hijab with good intentions, says former Playboy bunny‘ in The Malaysian Insider (14 Dec 2013).

Please note the error in the TMI headline. Felixia Yeap is still a Playboy bunny. The portal is mistaken in calling her “former Playboy bunny” as Ms Yeap is scheduled to make anppearance in an event organized by Playboy Condoms the day after tomorrow. Continue reading “Muslims wear cross for fashion, ok what, says Playboy bunny fan”