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If Red Shirts had demo at Komtar instead of Chinatown

Regular reader tebing tinggi commented @ 2015/09/30 at 9:23 pm on my article ‘China knows what she is doing‘:

tebing tinggi said:

“Bak kata perpatah Melayu ‘cacing dah naik ke mata’, begitulah akibat kalau tidak dibendung dari awal. And we had a government which failed to identify the possible threat early, we the rakyat are facing the outcome and consequences.
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Justices mention “evangelical” in their judgment

In their written judgment delivered today on the Allah case, the coram comprising Justices Mohamed Apandi Ali, Abdul Aziz Abdul Rahim and Mohd Zawawi Salleh said in paragraph [35]:

“On Article 11(4), Professor Dr. Shad Saleem Faruqi in his book entitled ‘Document of Destiny the Constitution of the Federation of Malaysia’, published in 2008, at pages 138-139, wrote:-

“Propagation of religion to Muslims: Under Article 11(4) of the Federal Constitution, non-Muslim may be forbidden by State law from preaching their religion to Muslim.  Many Muslims complain that this part of the ‘social contract’ is not being observed by some evangelical groups, Continue reading “Justices mention “evangelical” in their judgment”

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What might Dr M have done?

Shamshul Anuar: “What is required is a firm hand. A politician who is not bothered with popularity, poll. A politician who is dare to say the unpleasant truth. Not a politician who is so keen on pleasing people.” @ 2013/08/05 at 3:21 pm

Helen Ang: “Do you believe that if Dr M was in charge today he would be able to rein in The J-Star Continue reading “What might Dr M have done?”

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Umno gives up on Chinese vote

Reuters had this story yesterday, ‘Malaysia government losing Chinese support’:

“The trend risks deepening racial fault lines if, as some analysts expect, the lead party in the coalition, Umno effectively ‘gives up’ on the Chinese vote and focuses on championing Malay rights to secure support in rural areas.”

I wrote along the same track too in my FMT article yesterday saying, “Post GE, the establishment will be decidedly Malay and the opposition Chinese-dominated”.

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