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Hannah is perfect example of ‘self degrading’ DAP complained by Ronnie

The FMT article yesterday which I’ve copypasted (below) reports on Hannah Yeoh’s toxic virtue signaling about how the DAP is a Bangsa Malaysia and not a Chinese party.

Hannah and her evangelist ilk have ‘ubah-ed’ the party — both for the better (its best performance to date in winning seats) and for the worse (DAP’s schizo repudiation of bangsa Cina). Continue reading “Hannah is perfect example of ‘self degrading’ DAP complained by Ronnie”

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Casus belli

The following are some Malaysiakini latest headlines pertaining to the Mama Dapster-Kamarul faultline: ‘Faced with derision, UUM lecturer flaunts academic qualifications’ and ‘Unfazed lecturer says Hannah Yeoh started it first, flays critics’.

You can imagine just how abusive the readers’ comments are, after being egged on by such highly slanted and incendiary pro-Hannah articles. Continue reading “Casus belli”