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Haris Ibrahim and mirror, mirror on the wall

Recently on March 20 (Sat), the Prophet of Bangsa Malaysia posted ‘What we need in parliament and government now more than ever before. Men and women of integrity in his blog The People’s Parliament.

Almost to the year ago, Haris Ibrahim – instigator of Asal Bukan Umno – posted Continue reading “Haris Ibrahim and mirror, mirror on the wall”

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Bandingan Kristian-M’sian First dan Cina Indonesia

Seorang pembaca Calvin Sankaran semalam memberi komen di bawah:

“Helen, Help me out here, for I am confused.

“Pray enlighten me on how Hannah [Yeoh] reconciles her Christian fundamentalist/right wing views with her Malaysian First/Bangsa Malaysia belief? Isn’t being Malaysian First/Bangsa Malaysia means discarding of racial and religious identification in favour of an universal, Malaysian identity?” Continue reading “Bandingan Kristian-M’sian First dan Cina Indonesia”

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Hannah Yeoh sekat tweet seorang blogger, dakwa

Posting ‘Ibu Bangsa Malaysia bukan berjiwa Malaysia?‘ diterbitkan di blog pada 28 Nov 2011.

Bloggernya Shashi Muniandy mencatat bahawa Hannah Yeoh telah menyekat beliau daripada membuat komen yang menduga di talian Twitter popular Adun Subang Jaya itu. Continue reading “Hannah Yeoh sekat tweet seorang blogger, dakwa”

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Half-pregnant Pakatan and her piquant paradoxes


The new non-Muslim wing is the latest showcase of the new PAS.

“It is the most significant political development for us this year [June 2010],” said Dr Rayney Ali, a delegate from Kuala Lumpur.

Still the question that begs to be asked is why would anyone want to join PAS as a token member, with a limited role and without any voting rights in the party?

The non-Muslim members are not full-fledged members and cannot even vote in the party elections.

Non-Malays often complain they are treated as second-class citizens in this country, yet they do not seem to mind joining a party where they are basically second-class members.

Continue reading “Half-pregnant Pakatan and her piquant paradoxes”


Do you Malays hate us Chinese?

A netizen ‘Apocryphalist’ commented at Rocky’s Bru on “Namewee Fxxk Namewee”.

[Copypasted from Rocky’s comments section]

Apocryphalist: “You see, Namewee, they [the ticket buyers] don’t like you, support you or even watch you for the entertainment value that it [Nasi Lemak 2.0] provides. They come to watch it due to the racial suggestive innuendo complex that you and your film provides … It’s the proviso that your persona promises to show dissent and hatred towards anything malay.”

Apocryphalist is correct on the fact that so many, many Chinese (half a million?) have rallied around Namewee as their embodiment of dissent. Continue reading “Do you Malays hate us Chinese?”


Munafik dan musang licik

Posting saya semalam menyoal apa prinsip perjuangan DAP memandangkan Umno, MCA dan MIC masing-masing ada ‘Malay’, ‘Chinese’ dan ‘Indian’ dalam nama organisasi sementara PAS ada ‘Islam’.

Jawapan telah diberikan saya oleh seorang pembaca menggunakan nama samaran ‘Melon Ang’ (sebenarnya gelaran ‘melon’ itu bermaksud untuk mengumpat dan dialih bahasa daripada loghat Cina tetapi tak apalah, kita sudahpun masak dengan kerenah puak DAP ini).

‘Melon Ang’ (lihat screenshot bawah) menyatakan bahawa DAP mendokong ideologi politik yang tidak mengenal bangsa biarpun agama. Continue reading “Munafik dan musang licik”


Namewee from a Chinese perspective

Namewee is in the news again for his just released movie Nasi Lemak 2.0 and his reported attempt at getting a meeting with the prime minister. (Movie review here.)

A controversy magnet, Namewee has also at the same time attracted the anticipated brickbats and belligerent threats from the usual suspects. Continue reading “Namewee from a Chinese perspective”