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We’ve had enough of you people

“Don’t ask what the Red Rally achieved. It’s more about what the Red Rakyat won’t let Yellowbangs achieve.” – Azmi Arshad on Facebook (see below)

I’m not a mind reader but I reckon Azmi is saying that the Reds won’t allow the Yellows take over the country. Continue reading “We’ve had enough of you people”

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The sudden pain in TMI’s heart

The ‘MH’ code of Malaysia Airlines also stands for Malaysian Hospitality — or so an unlikely “moralist” (more about him later) reminds us although some China citizens, i.e. the kinfolk of the MH370 victims, may not be inclined to agree.

But the heated public debates are not about the “exemplary work” done by the MAS cabin crew or how undeserved MAS is of the twin tragedies. Or even about apportioning blame as if MAS were a rape victim unfairly faulted for being skimpily clad — the misplaced “rape” analogy provided by Jahabar Sadiq, The Malaysian Insider editor.

My objection to the objectors (Jahabar the Moral Censor refers here) of open debate is based on respecting the spirit of inquiry.

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