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“Masih mahu bersangka baik dengan gerakan evangelisme Kristian?” — MAIS

“Masih menganggap ini hanya propaganda dan cerita semangat yang dibawa orang politik?” tanya Majlis Agama Islam Selangor dalam sebuah terbitan mereka yang berjudul ‘Pendedahan Agenda Kristian’.

Pesanan MAIS boleh dibaca dalam bentuk PDF di sini (muat turun dari laman rasmi jabatan tersebut).  Continue reading ““Masih mahu bersangka baik dengan gerakan evangelisme Kristian?” — MAIS”

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Chinese evangelistas challenging the central power

‘Sing Hallelujah’ anthem of Hong Kong mass protests

Beijing must be most disconcerted by the youthful Chinese evangelista horde now flooding the streets of Hong Kong.

Continue reading “Chinese evangelistas challenging the central power”

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Jelutong high cross, “low class” and the evangelistas today

Firstly, about the Penang ‘cross’ on high that is currently the talk of town.

The controversial building, which was lit up to visually feature the cross shape, has been named in media reports as the Grace Residence apartment located in Jelutong. As can be seen from the photograph (below) published by the NST, it is a tall building standing at 44 storeys. Continue reading “Jelutong high cross, “low class” and the evangelistas today”

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Kit Siang: “Mat Sabu never an agent, stooge or puppet of DAP”

Umno propagandists are demonizing PAN president Mat Sabu as “a puppet or tool of DAP”, Grandpapa Dapster complained last night.

And PAS propagandists are adopting the Umno campaign of ‘lies, fear and hate’ against Mat Sabu too, Kit Siang alleged in a speech delivered in Muhyiddin Yassin’s constituency of Pagoh. Continue reading “Kit Siang: “Mat Sabu never an agent, stooge or puppet of DAP””

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One billion bucks given Christian and Chinese schools

Kerajaan telah memperuntukkan satu bilion ringgit kepada sekolah mubaligh dan sekolah Cina sejak tahun 2008 mahupun kedua-dua masyarakat – iaitu, golongan Kristian dan kaum Tionghua – tersebut menolak BN mentah-mentah.

Disyorkan baca:

Kit Siang quotes from the Quran!

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Kit Siang quotes from the Quran!

There are some terrible DAP supporters that cannot be reasoned with, who engage in intolerable Malay and Islam bashing, wrote Raja Petra Kamarudin in his No Holds Barred column today.

Raja Petra said he and the late MGG Pillai had concluded that “the hatred that the Chinese supporters of DAP have for the Malays and Islam is just too far gone and would be impossible to erase”.

Continue reading “Kit Siang quotes from the Quran!”

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Burkina Faso bombing signals ‘it’ is coming closer and closer to home

The latest attack by Muslim militants in the Burkina Faso capital city, killing at least 20 people, should come as no surprise.

Last night’s bombing and gun battle outside Splendid Hotel in Ouagadougou was almost inevitable given the Christian vs Muslim religious demography of Burkina Faso. Continue reading “Burkina Faso bombing signals ‘it’ is coming closer and closer to home”

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Isu pelayar Israel membongkar wajah hipokrit DAP

Episod pelayar Israel “menguatkan lagi pernyataan bahawa DAP hanya pandai bersandiwara sahaja dan bersifat hipokrit,” kata pengerusi I-Peguam Muhammad Luttfi Abdul Khalid.

Tindakan pemimpin DAP kononnya menyesali and menarik balik kenyataan adalah “untuk menjaga kepentingan dan maslahat politik mereka,” kata Luttfi Continue reading “Isu pelayar Israel membongkar wajah hipokrit DAP”

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93% M’sian Muslims say religion “very important”, 86% want sharia as official law

Malaysia is among the top countries in the world where its Muslims say religion is very important in their lives, a survey by the Pew Research Center has found.

We are right up there in the highest tier at 93 percent for saying Islam matters most in life, sandwiched between Afghanistan (92%) and Pakistan (94%) – see bar chart below. Continue reading “93% M’sian Muslims say religion “very important”, 86% want sharia as official law”

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Christians not turning the other cheek nor loving their enemy

How did a seminar warning about Christian missionaries come to be construed as “anti Christian” or “Christian bashing”?

These evangelistas are just so good at playing the poor li’l me victim card. They’re really milking the Christian persecution complex – as illustrated below – and coupled with the usual posturing of self-righteous moral outrage. Continue reading “Christians not turning the other cheek nor loving their enemy”

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RM3m Swarovski crystal X’mas tree for the poor, persecuted people

Public celebration of Christmas is banned in Brunei.

But in Malaysia, “Christmas is all about feeling glitzy and glam” — see the Pavilion KL Facebook entry yesterday about its activities at the high-end mall, including features like the artificial falling snow.

Also Friday is “Feasting time!” for Pavilion’s Christmas shoppers. Continue reading “RM3m Swarovski crystal X’mas tree for the poor, persecuted people”

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Just like Muslims have condemned ISIS, M’sian Christians must repudiate evangelistas

Mutakhir: DAP menangguk di air keruh

Original posting

Western governments say they’re not against Islam. It is Muslim terrorists that they’re against. Continue reading “Just like Muslims have condemned ISIS, M’sian Christians must repudiate evangelistas”

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Tiada salinan pdf buku ‘Kebangkitan Baju Merah’ di laman Jasa

Lim Kit Siang mahu Puad Zarkashi dipecat dari jawatannya sebagai ketua pengarah Jabatan Hal Ehwal Khas (Jasa) di bawah Kementerian Komunikasi.

Grandpapa Dapster mendakwa buku terbitan Jasa yang berjudul Kebangkitan Baju Merah adalah satu percubaan untuk “mengarang semula” (rewrite) sejarah supaya berpihak kepada pentadbiran Najib yang kian hari kian kehilangan sokongan popular. Continue reading “Tiada salinan pdf buku ‘Kebangkitan Baju Merah’ di laman Jasa”


France elections: ‘Clash of civilizations’ — a believable theory

The far right party FN (Front National) won the first round of regional elections held yesterday in France. It’s a historic win to take place in such a liberal country.

FN is often accused by the liberals of being “divisive”, i.e. anti immigrants and “intolerant”, i.e. anti Islam/Muslims. Continue reading “France elections: ‘Clash of civilizations’ — a believable theory”

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Did MPs from PAS abstain from voting on national security bill?

Continues fromDid MPs from MCA vote for national security bill?

This new National Security Council Act is a double-edged sword. If BN loses the next election, then Putrajaya will fall into DAP hands and the Kims will then use this law against Umno leaders instead.

We should also learn the Selangor lesson. See what happened after this rich and developed state fell into Pakatan hands. Continue reading “Did MPs from PAS abstain from voting on national security bill?”

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Kevin Morais’ murder: A case of he says, she says

The Dapster family mafia is now insinuating the foollowing —

“Malaysia seemed to have become the ‘land of shocking statutory declarations’ and Malaysians are reminded eerily of the previous statutory declarations by private investigator PI Bala in connection with the murder of Mongolian Altantunya Shaariibuu,” said Lim Kit Siang.

Continue reading “Kevin Morais’ murder: A case of he says, she says”