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‘I love PM’ banners have resurfaced

Urm, perhaps it’s not so much that orang sayang Najib but rather ramai yang benci DAP.

The “I Love PM” paraphernalia is a sign that Umno has switched into election gear. BN’s campaign for GE14, needless to say, is buoyed by the increasing rift between PAS and Pakatan.

Kudos to Joceline Tan for her overview of our present political scenario — another sterling column from her today about how ‘Najib is in a bullish mood’. Since she seems to have covered the bases in her lengthy piece, permit me to tumpang on a smart analysis by the undeniable sifu. Continue reading “‘I love PM’ banners have resurfaced”

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YB Kula’s assistant assaulted and needs hospital

It appears to be a targetted attack. The woman, who is an assistant to M. Kula Segaran, the Ipoh Barat DAP Member of Parliament, was assaulted as she was leaving his service centre.

This is not like a case of the woman suffering injuries as a result from random snatch theft. The assailants seemed to have marked and lain in wait for her. Continue reading “YB Kula’s assistant assaulted and needs hospital”

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Super Cyberbullies mahu lihat gadis Cina pro-BN dirogol (updated)

Lihat ‘Lebih 500 orang Facebooker menggemari (‘like’) perbuatan membuli itu(mutakhir, 9.30 malam)

***   ***   ***

Pautan Facebook yang dirujuk dalam tajuk sudah dikongsi (‘share’) sebanyak 1,741 kali, termasuk catatan komen berikut:

“i think this bitch will kena rape very soon….. LOL”

mentang-mentang akan dirogol hanya kerana dosa menyokong BN. Continue reading “Super Cyberbullies mahu lihat gadis Cina pro-BN dirogol (updated)”

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Gambar lucah, ugutan rogol dan perkakas MCA yang begitu lembik dan dayus

Dua hari lepas, Rockybru menulis bahawa seorang rakan blogger kami Dave telah menerima panggilan telefon yang mengancam keselamatan dirinya hanya gara-gara posting yang dibuat beliau tentang Bersih.

“Anyway, heavy breathing and veiled warnings are de rigeur modus operandi for politicians and their aides on both sides of the divide,” balas seorang pembaca Rocky manakala seorang lagi menambah, “It all comes with the territory”.

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Half-pregnant Pakatan and her piquant paradoxes


The new non-Muslim wing is the latest showcase of the new PAS.

“It is the most significant political development for us this year [June 2010],” said Dr Rayney Ali, a delegate from Kuala Lumpur.

Still the question that begs to be asked is why would anyone want to join PAS as a token member, with a limited role and without any voting rights in the party?

The non-Muslim members are not full-fledged members and cannot even vote in the party elections.

Non-Malays often complain they are treated as second-class citizens in this country, yet they do not seem to mind joining a party where they are basically second-class members.

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