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Yup, PAS and Umno have been meeting

Ustaz Nasharudin Mat Isa was appointed to head the Global Movement of Moderates on 28 Oct 2015.

Let’s compare the J-Star‘s coverage of GMM under Ustaz Nasha and earlier under Saifuddin Abdullah. Continue reading “Yup, PAS and Umno have been meeting”

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Will Najib save himself through hudud hook-up?

We’re a mere fortnight away from the historic sitting of the state assembly in Kelantan on March 18 to table the hudud amendment bill.

And hudud is just the lever to pry the Islamist party away from its coalition partner DAP. Despite their earlier charade of being Islam-friendly, DAP is dead set against this law under Islam for meting out capital and corporal punishment .

Needless to say, it is to Umno’s best interest – if not the BN’s very survival – for PAS to leave Pakatan.

And thus Umno is, apparently, prepared to support the Kelantan hudud bill. Continue reading “Will Najib save himself through hudud hook-up?”