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Is KJ on his way out?

Umno Youth making a police report against MACC chief Abu Kassim, ex-AG Gani Patail and former Bank Negara governor Zeti is a deadly serious business.

However it was not Pemuda boss Khairy who had lodged the police report but his deputy Khairul Azwan.

Of late, KJ has been keeping a low profile. Rather than actively defending No.1 – like say ARD, SSK, Azalina, Nazri and Ismail Sabri – he has instead distanced his Pemuda Umno from the party president when traditionally it is the youth wing that takes up the cudgels. Continue reading “Is KJ on his way out?”

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Can Nik Abduh land breakout role as Youth Minister?

Khairy should resign over the RM100 million scandal in his Ministry.

Or he must be released from his responsibility in the cabinet after due process is satisfied. It’s no great loss and there are certainly better candidates to fill the Youth portfolio. Continue reading “Can Nik Abduh land breakout role as Youth Minister?”

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Ah Jib Gor is snapping Perkasa’s patience

The patron of Perkasa is Tun.

Perkasa is holding its fifth annual convention today at Pusat Islam. Wira Perkasa chief Irwan Fahmi Ideris yesterday fired an opening salvo – he called a trio of Najib’s liberal pets “bangsat”.

The Umno leaders earning the ire of Perkasa are Saifuddin Abdullah, Nur Jazlan Mohamed and Khairy Jamaluddin. Continue reading “Ah Jib Gor is snapping Perkasa’s patience”

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Masuk tahun 2020, satu suku penduduk Asia Tenggara akan beragama Kristian

Hanya 6 tahun lagi …

Hannah black tudung litup
Hannah Yeoh

Apasal Yahudi Yeoh asyik nak usik orang Islam?

Menteri Agama Islam, Jamil Khir Baharom semalam menegur orang politik bukan Islam yang terlalu ghairah menyalahgunakan tempat ibadah umat Islam seraya memberi peringatan supaya jangan bertindak naik turun masjid dengan sewenang-wenangnya.

Cuba anda lihat dengan biji mata sendiri gerakan Occupy Mosque yang dijalankan mereka-mereka itu – gambar bawah. Continue reading “Masuk tahun 2020, satu suku penduduk Asia Tenggara akan beragama Kristian”

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Umno ministers threw cabinet colleague Nancy Shukri under the Christian bus

Today is the seventh day of my October retrospective, which began on Oct 7. Indulging in “see-I-told-you [since three years ago, hah!]” is most satisfying, I must say.

Having completed a whole week revisiting old writings, I will admit that I’m personally happy with the current format of my blog.


DogWag Continue reading “Umno ministers threw cabinet colleague Nancy Shukri under the Christian bus”

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What has Najib’s “moderation” achieved the last four years?

Najib Razak mentioned the word “moderate” and its variants a total of 14 times in his recent speech to the UN general assembly.

Our prime minister said in New York, “Four years ago, I stood before you [the United Nations] and called for a global movement of the moderates, to counter extremism”.

PM then proceeded to set up an organization called Global Movement of Moderates (GMM). He installed Saifuddin Abdullah – pix below – as CEO together with J-Star boss Wong Chun Wai as foundation trustee. Continue reading “What has Najib’s “moderation” achieved the last four years?”

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Future of our country: Isma will take over from Umno

Some months back, I wrote that Isma is smarter and savvier than Umno. Today I will amend my statement – I now say that Isma is MUCH smarter and MUCH savvier than Umno.

I had also written that Isma is more efficient and effective. Umno does not have half of Isma’s initiative or even a quarter of Isma’s commitment and dedication to the cause.

Continue reading “Future of our country: Isma will take over from Umno”

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What Perkasa thinks about Najib

One year ago this month, Perkasa Youth chief Irwan Fahmi Ideris called on Najib Razak to resign for our PM’s abysmal failure to govern – see screenshot below.

Irwan recalls in his blog on Tuesday that he and the Perkasa central leadership numbering 10 persons provided their feedback to the PM in a closed door session immediately following GE13.

They pointed out that not only had Najib failed to persuade the Chinese to vote BN but the fact is that the voter turnout among the Chinese community was the highest at 87 percent, out of which only a mere 5 percent of Chinese support went to the ruling party (according to Perkasa’s analysis).

Continue reading “What Perkasa thinks about Najib”

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Beheaded snake kills Chinese chef chopping up its body into cubes

The incident happened in Guangdong, China. Residents of the city of Foshan enjoy eating snake meat cooked in a variety of ways. The most popular dish is expensive medicinal snake soup.

Diners in a restaurant in the Shunde district of Foshan heard loud screams coming from the kitchen. The chef Peng Fan had been dicing a black and white spitting cobra for a speciality meal. Continue reading “Beheaded snake kills Chinese chef chopping up its body into cubes”

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Dapster Khairy membalun “Melayu ultra”, bunyi macam orang gereja jer

Sebagai memperingati peristiwa rusuhan kaum tahun 1969, DAP beserta Gereja dan berpuluh buah NGO pro-pembangkang telah mengeluarkan sebuah kenyataan sempena tanggal 13 Mei kelmarin.

DAP dan Majlis Gereja Malaysia (CCM: Council of Churches of Malaysia) menyuarakan azam mereka dalam “mempertahankan keamanan, kasih-sayang, keterangkuman dan kebebasan di Malaysia pada ulangtahun ke-45 Rusuhan 13hb Mei Continue reading “Dapster Khairy membalun “Melayu ultra”, bunyi macam orang gereja jer”

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Ha Ha Ha Haris Ibrahim … “claps, claps, claps”

Haris Ibrahim, initiator of Asalkan Bukan Umno, previously blogged his ‘ABU message : Don’t fall for the MCA hudud bogeyman‘ (24 Aug 2012). Haris had then dismissed MCA’ s hudud warnings as “cheap talk that no one in their right mind is going to fall for”.

He also highlighted Upko president Bernard Dompok’s dissent against the idea of Malaysia as an Islamic state. Continue reading “Ha Ha Ha Haris Ibrahim … “claps, claps, claps””

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The raw hatred for Dr M, Umno and the Malays

Yesterday Malaysiakini ran an article headlined ‘Dr M: It’s not cronyism, we need rich people‘.

The news portal was reporting on Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s syarahan perdana titled ‘Poverty issues in Malaysia’s economic development’ delivered at the Universiti Malaya, KL.

In his speech, the Tun said:

Continue reading “The raw hatred for Dr M, Umno and the Malays”

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#tamparbuaya: Kempen KJ adakan program cuci kereta ketika S’gor catuan air

Berapa banyak air agaknya diperlukan untuk mencuci kereta besar KJ sebiji?

Mohd Shahriza Amir ialah ketua Pemuda Umno bahagian Subang.

Beliau tawar untuk cuci kereta bos ketika negeri Selangor sedang kemarau dan penduduk negeri dikenakan catuan air. Continue reading “#tamparbuaya: Kempen KJ adakan program cuci kereta ketika S’gor catuan air”

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Who is the hand pulling the strings?

TIME magazine
China wants answers on vanished jet‘ (10 March 2014)

“Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi sounded almost reproachful when discussing Malaysia’s crisis management on Sunday [9 March]. ‘The Chinese side requires the Malaysian side to keep trying every effort in the search-and-rescue work and informing the Chinese side every progress,’ Wang said.

Continue reading “Who is the hand pulling the strings?”

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Adakah Najib masih mempunyai sokongan daripada Perkasa?

Soalan menarik yang wajar untuk direnungi.


Chew Mei Fun, iaitu calon MCA untuk pilihanraya kecil Kajang, telah dihentam kaw-kaw oleh Dapsters kerana berkongsi ‘pentas’ dengan ketua Perkasa Negeri Sembilan Ruslan Kassim.

Serangan Bintang Lima evangelista ke atas Chew tidak banyak beza dengan taktik Bintang Tiga zaman komunis. Continue reading “Adakah Najib masih mempunyai sokongan daripada Perkasa?”

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Pertubuhan diterajui orang Khairy lah yang beri anugerah kepada Malaysiakini

Malaysiakini bags Social Media 2014 award’ @

“The awards, held in conjunction with the Malaysian Social Media Week 2014, is organised by Malaysia Social Media Chambers, a body aimed at sharing best social media practices and encouraging social media use.”

Continue reading “Pertubuhan diterajui orang Khairy lah yang beri anugerah kepada Malaysiakini”

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Is it Lydia or is it Rosmah?

Teresa Kok is still sidestepping the ‘identity’ of the plump woman wearing the diamond rings who appeared in the controversial CNY video that she produced.

The local actress who played the role of Datin Diamond told police that her character in the video is modelled after Lydia Shum, the late Hong Kong comedienne.

Meanwhile Teresa claims that her video is a “political satire” made just for laughs. Well if her video is indeed political humour, then it begs the question — Why lampoon Lydia, Continue reading “Is it Lydia or is it Rosmah?”