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The complainant is Dr Lim Mah Hui who is also a member of board of directors of Penang Institute … yeah, that infamous think-tank chaired by Lim Guan Eng who appointed Zairil its CEO who made the 11th hour offer to Tunku Aziz who said it was a bribe and on which the MACC received a report from Parti Cinta Malaysia alleging that the institute engages in bribery.

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Saman malu Ng Wei Aik, setpol ketua menteri P. Pinang

FMT melaporkan semalam :

“Last week, [Lim Boo Chang] had threatened to sue Komtar assemblyman and Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s political secretary Ng Wei Aik for describing him as a ‘frog.’

Lim said he had lost patience with his critics and would institute legal action against anyone carrying out character assassination campaign on him.

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Take heart, Lim Boo Chang, the truth is out there

Mutakhir (Dis 19): Lim Boo Chang saman Ng Wei Aik

Below is Part II.

Part I yesterday, HERE.

A couple of days ago, MPPP councillor Lim Boo Chang quit his post, citing among other reasons, Lim Guan Eng’s “arm-twisting tactics to intimidate“.

It came as no surprise that Boo Chang – who’d also at the same time quit PKR – was very soon character assassinated by the usual suspects. This was in tandem with the DAP propaganda machine shifting into high gear.

Luckily for Boo Chang’s credibility and good public standing, he was not the only personality to have made accusations of such a nature against Guan Eng. Many others have done so and all their stories are uncannily consistent with each other.

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Mana perginya CAT bagi projek RM300j sPICE?

Kerajaan negeri Pulau Pinang yang diterajui DAP tidak membina barang satu unit pun rumah kos rendah di antara tahun 2008 dan 2010, menurut laporan Audit Negara yang dikeluarkan baru-baru ini.

Seberapa hari awal, BN Pulau Pinang telah meminta Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM) menyiasat perjanjian projek sPICE yang didakwa merugikan rakyat.

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