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Dyana wants action taken against UiTM speakers for “demonising” Christianity

The Malaysian Insider today published yet another op-ed saying:

“Religious tension was raised several notches over the past weeks by Ikatan Muslimin Malaysia’s (Isma) Chinese-bashing statements, as well as a seminar held in Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) earlier this month at which speakers demonised  Christianity.”

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Kit Siang’s past pol-secs have succeeded to become YBs — Teresa Kok, Teng Chang Khim, Chow Kon Yeow, Ean Yong Hian Wah, Lee Kee Hiong, Kasthuriraani Patto.

However, none of the others have melded with the mentor as much as Dyana Sofya has. Continue reading “Kityana”

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UiTM seminar accused of whipping up anti-Christian sentiments

Updated: 8.58am on 9 Jan 2014

Malaysian Insider membela agenda pelampau evangelis Kristian?’


Nigeria Germany

Nigeria Christians


Original posting

In 1953 the year of Nigeria’s independence, there were 45.3 percent Muslims in the population compared to 21.4 percent Christians and 33.3 percent belonging to other folk religions.

In 2010 it was estimated that 49.3% of the Nigerian population are now Christian compared to 48.8% Muslim. Meanwhile the animists and holders of traditional spiritual beliefs were almost totally wiped out. Continue reading “UiTM seminar accused of whipping up anti-Christian sentiments”

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Tinjauan terbaru Merdeka Center terhadap populariti BN

Akaun Twitter @najibrazak sedang following 138 orang selebriti termasuklah pemimpin-pemimpin negara jiran seperti Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Lee Hsien Loong‏, Yingluck Shinawatra beserta Barack Obama, David Cameron, dll.

Di kalangan pemimpin tempatan yang diikuti @najibrazak di Twitter ialah rakan-rakan kabinet beliau seperti Muhyiddin Yassin, G. Palanivel, Idris Jala, Abdul Rahman Dahlan dan @Khairykj (Minister of Youth & Sports; MP for Rembau; Leader of BN & Umno Youth; Papa to Cougar & Puma; office mate to @reginalah). Continue reading “Tinjauan terbaru Merdeka Center terhadap populariti BN”

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MH370 reveals how the opposition think and what they really feel

Lim Kit Siang gleefully reproduced in his blog today an article titled ‘MH370: Pressure starts piling on govt‘ written by FMT columnist Jeswan Kaur.

In her very first paragraph, Jeswan already strikes the Pakatan standard note. She accuses: “Even in the face of a heartbreaking crisis, the Malaysian government could not let go of its insatiable hunger for politicking.”

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Unless Umno grows a spine, Isma will take over the moral leadership

The DAP Mursyidul Am responds to the Prime Minister’s “national reconciliation” overture with the following press statement titled ‘Najib’s NRP is a recipe to abdicate his responsibility as Prime Minister in a plural society but still clinging to the perks of office‘.

Lim Kit Siang said in his press statement today:

“If the NRP is a different creature from the NUB, it raises questions firstly, what is the purpose of NUCC preparing a NUB when the government has almost a NRP in place; Continue reading “Unless Umno grows a spine, Isma will take over the moral leadership”

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Islam under threat, says Dr Mahathir

Islam under threat, says Dr M‘ is the headline carried yesterday in FMT. “No more respect for Islam,” Dr Mahathir Mohamad is reported as telling a press conference held at the International Islamic University in Gombak.

“Suddenly they come up with this idea that they should call their god Allah as well,” the news portal quoted Dr Mahathir as saying.

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Kit Siang: Umno ministers so “gullible”

Lim Kit Siang’s press statement today is titled ‘Call on new MCA leaders like Liow Tiong Lai and Wee Ka Siong not to be xioren 小人 but dare to speak truth to power by declaring that Teresa Kok’s video is not anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-royalty’.

Kit Siang says that he is “really intrigued as to how at least five Umno ministers could be tricked and fooled” by the MCA and Gerakan Chinese leaders Continue reading “Kit Siang: Umno ministers so “gullible””

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Now Kit Siang says Teresa has “magic mirror”

Lim Kit Siang’s press statement today is titled ‘It is not Teresa Kok who should apologise for her ‘Onederful Malaysia’ as nobody could prove the video is anti-Malay, anti-Islam and anti-Royalty but Abdul Rahman Dahlan who must apologise for his racist tweets which showed he is not Minister for all Malaysians’.

Kit Siang says that Teresa Kok’s CNY video “has the effect of a magic mirror exposing the goblins in the Malaysian political landscape”. Continue reading “Now Kit Siang says Teresa has “magic mirror””

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Video Teresa itu “lucu” lah, Najib digesa untuk berkata

Bersambung dari ‘Hannah mahu tindakan polis diambil terhadap pertubuhan-pertubuhan Islam yang tunjuk perasaan‘.

Dua hari lepas,  Lim Guan Eng telah men’hijack’ upacara pemujaan oleh orang Cina di Pulau Pinang sempena perayaan tahun baru untuk memberi sebuah ucapan menghasut Continue reading “Video Teresa itu “lucu” lah, Najib digesa untuk berkata”

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Sekarang ia salah Shabery Cheek dan Shafie Apdal pula

Dalam kenyataan akhbarnya merujuk kepada video CNY Teresa Kok, Kit Siang berkata:

”Shafie … had been caught red-handed making a fool of himself saying something he knows nothing about – unless he knows Mandarin and Cantonese to understand the video dialogue …”

Bagi Kit Siang, ia salah naib presiden Umno Mohd Shafie Apdal yang cetek ilmu serta tidak pandai bahasa Kantonis. Continue reading “Sekarang ia salah Shabery Cheek dan Shafie Apdal pula”

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Percaturan Anwar di Kajang ada kaitan dengan isu Allah

Ini yang Zamkata semalam:

“Apapun nampaknya Anwar bergerak pantas menyelesaikan masalah krisis kerajaan negeri dan jika berjaya beliau akan keluar dengan imej yang lebih besar dan lebih terhormat berbanding dengan Najib yang bergerak seperti kura-kura dari satu krisis ke satu krisis dengan mengharapkan kekuatan dari satu kemaafan ke satu kemaafan, dari menangguhkan satu masalah ke satu masalah.” — bekas ketua pengarang Utusan Zainuddin Maidin Continue reading “Percaturan Anwar di Kajang ada kaitan dengan isu Allah”

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The Father, the Son and their mandate from heaven

Lim Kit Siang wrote his 3rd open letter to Najib Razak today. It has the long-winded title, ‘PR’s patriotic olive branch to PM and BN – to love and save Malaysia to preserve and promote unity, harmony and tolerance and ban spectre of May 13 to cobwebs of history’.

His son Guan Eng has the same penchant. See below where the DAP sec-gen calls Umno “religious extremists” and “racial bigots” who are provoking “the fires of racial and religious hatred”. Continue reading “The Father, the Son and their mandate from heaven”

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What PAS must know about the DAP

Lim Kit Siang and his son Lim Guan Eng both issued separate press statements yesterday.

Kit Siang complains that in the past four years, he has been “repeatedly accused of being a communist by Umno cybertroopers on the Internet”. Well, the accusations by the Malay bloggers are wrong. DAP is not communist. DAP 3.0 today is a capitalist party.

Continue reading “What PAS must know about the DAP”

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Sumbangan Raya Korban DAP berbekalkan wajah Kit Siang, cogankata ‘Ubah’

Sumbangan Hari Raya Aidil Adha yang disalurkan oleh Ahli Parlimen DAP Kulai, evangelista Teo Nie Ching dan Adun DAP Senai Wong Shu Qi kepada keluarga miskin, ibu tunggal dan anak yatim yang telah digesa untuk menghayati pesanan ‘Ubah’ oleh Lim Kit Siang. Continue reading “Sumbangan Raya Korban DAP berbekalkan wajah Kit Siang, cogankata ‘Ubah’”

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Lim Senior & Boy-Boy power in on Johor DAP

When I posted my hypothesis that it would be a good tactical move of the DAP to field an Indian candidate in a Chinese-majority area, I had based it on an announcement made by Johor DAP chairman Dr Boo Cheng Hau.

However Dr Boo had said that a fortnight ago. My theory on Labis – following up on Dr Boo’s remarks – sounds like reasonable strategy on paper but that might be as far as it goes. There’s a popular saying “A week can be a lifetime in politics”. Continue reading “Lim Senior & Boy-Boy power in on Johor DAP”

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Tahniah Gelang Patah bakal pecah rekod: Ahli dewan paling lanjut usia (76 tahun)

Ketua umum sudahpun mengumumkannya.

Lim Kit Siang yang lahir 20 Feb 1941 dicalonkan untuk bertanding kerusi Parlimen Gelang Patah, Johor.

Parlimen yang ke-13 nanti dijangka tamat pada 2017. Maka apakala masuk akhir penggal Parlimen kelak, Kit Siang akan berusia 76 tahun. Continue reading “Tahniah Gelang Patah bakal pecah rekod: Ahli dewan paling lanjut usia (76 tahun)”

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DAP sekarang cuba pancing undi Melayu secara direct pula

Dalam kerjaya politik Lim Kit Siang sepanjang 47 tahun, tidak pernah bahasa kebangsaan sebegitu dititkberatkan oleh Mursyidul Am DAP itu serta pemimpin-pemimpin partinya berbanding masa kini.

Menjelang PRU13, juru alih bahasa menerima ganjaran besar daripada DAP bagi perkhidmatan perterjemahan kepada bahasa Melayu. Dengan kian hangatnya kempen pilihanraya, pesanan-pesanan DAP bertukar angin dan diajukan ke arah pemilih Melayu. Continue reading “DAP sekarang cuba pancing undi Melayu secara direct pula”

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The Lim Father & Son who politicize tragic deaths and their hatchet men

There is no decency threshold that the DAP Dynasty will hesitate to cross. With Lim Guan Eng and his father, everything is political. Even sliced bread.

Most recently, Kit Siang tweeted “6yr William Yau’s tragic death – apart from Umno/BN Ministers/leaders, Msia just not safe even 4children like William!” (see here) Continue reading “The Lim Father & Son who politicize tragic deaths and their hatchet men”

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#KL112: Irony of Kit Siang’s speeches on dangerous rallies

Ops Lalang was carried out on 27 Oct 1987 and Lim Kit Siang, the then DAP sec-gen, was one of those detained in the ISA swoop.

A day earlier (Oct 26), Opposition Leader Kit Siang delivered a speech in Parliament titled ‘DAP proposes a one-year moratorium for all political parties where no racial, language, cultural or religious issues will be created or raised Continue reading “#KL112: Irony of Kit Siang’s speeches on dangerous rallies”

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Kit Siang: It is Umno’s fault no Malays elected to DAP CEC

(1) Blame Umno

Admitting that the failure to elect Malay candidates is “a setback to the DAP cause to represent all Malaysians”, Lim Kit Siang gave the following excuse.

“It has always been an uphill task for the DAP to reach out to the Malays, with the Umno and its mainstream media carrying out a sustained campaign to poison the minds of the Malays and demonise the DAP as anti-Malay and anti-Islam.”

Source: LKS press statement (17 Dec 2012)

So you see, the Malays failed to do well in the DAP election because the party has been unable to reach out to the Malays to persuade them to become DAP members who can vote their own Malay delegates who get to vote for the 20-member CEC.

It is all Umno’s fault Continue reading “Kit Siang: It is Umno’s fault no Malays elected to DAP CEC”

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Apa maksud Kit Siang mahu menyekutukan agama-agama?

Lim Kit Siang berucap di Sabah semalam dalam siri jelajah ‘Ubah’ DAP ke seluruh negara.

Dalam ceramahnya di Inanam, Kota Kinabalu, Kit Siang berkata:

“… Pakatan Rakyat’s 13GE call and objective is the positive and constructive theme of ‘Unite and Rule’ unifying all races, religions and states Continue reading “Apa maksud Kit Siang mahu menyekutukan agama-agama?”

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Hudud: Papa must smack Guan Eng on his long, long nose

Umno extremist in wanting hudud for all, says DAP‘ — article in The Malaysian Insider today.

TMI reported:

“Umno is promoting religious extremism by pushing for the enforcement of hudud or the Islamic criminal code for all citizens instead of just Muslims, the DAP’s Lim Guan Eng said today.”


Did the Umno president ever say his party wanted to implement hudud? Continue reading “Hudud: Papa must smack Guan Eng on his long, long nose”

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Malaysian First-DAP ke arah penghapusan sekolah Cina

Sebuah persidangan anjuran Yayasan 1Malaysia bersama ISIS kelmarin menampilkan Khairy Jamaluddin dan Teo Nie Ching antara lainnya sebagai penceramah. Kedua-dua Ahli Parlimen tersebut telah membincangkan cara-cara untuk mewujudkan perpaduan nasional.

Khairy mengemukakan cadangan supaya diadakan satu sistem persekolahan bersepadu.

Continue reading “Malaysian First-DAP ke arah penghapusan sekolah Cina”


Munafik dan musang licik

Posting saya semalam menyoal apa prinsip perjuangan DAP memandangkan Umno, MCA dan MIC masing-masing ada ‘Malay’, ‘Chinese’ dan ‘Indian’ dalam nama organisasi sementara PAS ada ‘Islam’.

Jawapan telah diberikan saya oleh seorang pembaca menggunakan nama samaran ‘Melon Ang’ (sebenarnya gelaran ‘melon’ itu bermaksud untuk mengumpat dan dialih bahasa daripada loghat Cina tetapi tak apalah, kita sudahpun masak dengan kerenah puak DAP ini).

‘Melon Ang’ (lihat screenshot bawah) menyatakan bahawa DAP mendokong ideologi politik yang tidak mengenal bangsa biarpun agama. Continue reading “Munafik dan musang licik”