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Lepas acah, Atuk kata nak pi jaga cucu …huhuhu

Nih kiriman salam nakal dan Selamat Tahun Baru Reformasi daripada ‘negarawan’ terulung kita.

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Mahathir-Kit Siang are Siamese twins, no room for Kuli

We’ve never heard before of conjoined Siamese triplets being able to survive. 

Mahathir and Kit Siang are like yin-and-yang twins. Three is a crowd. Tengku Razaleigh should steer away from both these gila kuasa connivers. 

BELOW: Front page of Sinar Harian on 7 Dec 2014 … Mahathir believes nobody is ‘layak’ to be PM but himself and certainly not Anwar  Continue reading “Mahathir-Kit Siang are Siamese twins, no room for Kuli”

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Explaining Mahathir’s sleight of hand on ‘Rohingya’

Survey teams had found that Rohingya “who lived in rural areas could not speak any indigenous languages of Myanmar well. Rather, they spoke, wrote and read Bengali and Arabic,” said a Rakhine Inquiry Commission report (below). 

“They could not write or read the official Bamar language used in government communications,” added the government report published in July 2013. Continue reading “Explaining Mahathir’s sleight of hand on ‘Rohingya’”

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Porsche Cayenne number plate MM1

How many Protons have you owned? I briefly had a Wira some ten years ago. Yucks.

But, when the former PM arrived at the anti-GST rally last Saturday, journalists and participants snapped the pictures of him as his sedan slowly pulled in. Alas! The country’s Number One Patriot arrived in an elegant Porsche Cayenne,” wrote Tay Tian Yan who is Sin Chew deputy executive editor-in-chief yesterday. Continue reading “Porsche Cayenne number plate MM1”

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The AG’s role – views by four politicians

“Malaysian Attorneys-General assume a dual role: they are simultaneously the legal adviser to the Government and the Public Prosecutor.”

“As Public Prosecutor, the A-G is a public institution empowered by the Constitution with all the discretionary powers in the world to charge or not to charge anyone for any offence or crime.”

Continue reading “The AG’s role – views by four politicians”

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Umno should cut its losses, write-off Protun and off-set with PAS support

Blogger Annie had written a post titled The end of moderation‘ on the morning after (6 May 2013) the Chinese tsunami.

Annie wrote: “The ‘Chinese revolt’, as so proudly predicted by the DAP cybertroopers did come true and it swept through the State [of Johor]”.

Annie said the Chinese community had “totally snubbed” outgoing Johor MB Ghani Othman, causing him to lose in his face-off with Kit Siang in Gelang Patah.

Continue reading “Umno should cut its losses, write-off Protun and off-set with PAS support”

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Tun’s scorched earth: Wants ROS action against Umno?

Tun wrote the following today in Chedet:


“The Prime Minister says it [RM2.6 billion ‘donation’] is for Umno. According to the Societies Act, Umno must report all financial transactions. There is no evidence that it has done so. It is in breach of the Societies Act. Umno was declared illegal in my time. The reasons were hardly serious. Now Umno had not reported and not taken action to recover the money and report to the Registrar of Societies. What does the law say the Registrar should do?”


I don’t see how the Umno warlords can sit on the fence anymore. Continue reading “Tun’s scorched earth: Wants ROS action against Umno?”

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Tun says M’sia is now “pariah state”

Tun has become the Dapsters’ new BFF.

He is being loudly cheered on by them of late. Very soon, Tun Dr Mahathir will overtake his daughter Marina in popularity among the Bangsar Malaysia crowd. Continue reading “Tun says M’sia is now “pariah state””

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All you Tun supporters, read this!

It’s an article by Matthias Chang who is Tun’s former political secretary.

Chang has been photographed in the European capitals with Khairuddin Abu Hassan recently making police reports against 1MDB.

Now what do you think Tun is up to – what the ex-premier is up to wrt the sitting PM is public knowledge but what are his other plots – and more specifically, what are Tun’s future plans for Umno?

Read Matthias Chang to find out. Click on PDF below.


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Perkasa, are you for or against Bersih 4.0? ~ Come on, speak up

In my previous post, I asked the following question – Is Bersih 4.0 safe?

The Circle – a group 30 retired chiefs of armed forces – yesterday expressed their disquiet and grave concern about the security situation in our country.

Perkasa has also got retired high-ranking military men in the leadership of the organization. Thus, will these Perkasa leaders and members who had served in the army before please publicly state their stand on Bersih 4.0?

Some two-and-a-half weeks before Bersih 2.0 (9 July 2011), Hannah Yeoh in her June 20th tweet took a dig at Perkasa. Continue reading “Perkasa, are you for or against Bersih 4.0? ~ Come on, speak up”

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Tun has returned, and he exaggerates

After a week’s silence, Tun is back swinging and delivering today yet another stinger. He says in Che Det, “Democracy is dead”.

“Democracy is dead” were identically Tun Dr Ismail’s famous words with regard to the aftermath of the May 13 riots. It’s hardly a good omen for Tun Mahathir to resurrect such an evocative phrase that’s so intertwined with our bloody past. Continue reading “Tun has returned, and he exaggerates”

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Guns pointed, knife in the back

1. The tireless Tun fired yet another salvo today.

2. And it gets muddier. Zam’s latest blog, ‘Lawyer wants Mahathir to conspire with convict to oust Najib’. See,

Previously Zamkata: “Tentunya bila PR menang Anwar Ibrahim akan dibebaskan Continue reading “Guns pointed, knife in the back”

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Tun-PM battle royale will hand Putrajaya over to DAP

With a mere two percent Malay vote swing coupled with five percent Chinese vote swing, Pakatan will snatch 22 Parliament seats from the BN. This will put Pakatan and BN at a dead heat with each side holding 111 seats. See results,|-2|2|-5|5|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0

Add another two percent Christian vote swing and BN will be kicked out of Putrajaya.

Continue reading “Tun-PM battle royale will hand Putrajaya over to DAP”

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Hudud: PAS tolong jawab pertanyaan Tun

Dulu PAS memetik surah al-Maa’idah 8 beserta surah an-Nisaa 135.

Ayat-ayat tersebut ditafsirkan dalam dokumen ‘Negara Islam’ PAS sebagai membawa makna “konsep keadilan dan kesaksamaan sebenar hanya dapat dilaksanakan apabila sesuatu pemerintahan melaksanakan Islam secara menyeluruh dalam segenap sistemnya“.

Ia cukup jelas bahawa maksud sedemikianlah yang disampaikan oleh kitab Al-Quran, tegas presiden PAS Hadi Awang.

Continue reading “Hudud: PAS tolong jawab pertanyaan Tun”

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I respectfully beg to disagree with Tun today

Dr Mahathir said today in Che Det that Najib’s leadership in Selangor was ineffective.

Actually if Muhyiddin or Zahid or Hisham had been in charge of Selangor during the last general election, the result for BN would still not have been any better.

Similar to the situation in Kota Setar in the 1969 general election, the problem is the Chinese and their anti-establishment amok. Continue reading “I respectfully beg to disagree with Tun today”

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Dear Tun, an open letter

Need to amputate MCA before the Chinese party causes BN to lose election

Dear Tun,

I share your fear of BN losing the coming election. If BN loses, it is the DAP that will come to power. My worry about the DAP is what they do to people. I view the evangelical party as Bintang Lima. History has shown me what the Bintang Tiga did.

Continue reading “Dear Tun, an open letter”

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Part 2: Najib’s Q & A only giving more ammo to Tun

In The J-Star front page caption box today, Si Gunting Dalam Lipatan quoted Najib Razak as saying:

“1MDB’s assets are larger than its liabilities. So in very simplistic terms, if 1MDB were to be wound down tomorrow, the company would still have some assets and and money left even after paying off its debts.”

Such a clueless and callous statement from the PM! Continue reading “Part 2: Najib’s Q & A only giving more ammo to Tun”