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Malaysia’s “failed state” is its failed population segment

I’m talking about the Dapster-evangelistas. They fail utterly as decent human beings.

I will dissect and detail one example of what they do to people.

Below is a Malay Mail article titled ‘Isma’s Hari Raya dos and don’ts: Do wear veils, don’t wear T-shirts, don’t wear make-up’.

Is the Malay Mail headline accurate or is it a malicious misrepresentation? Continue reading “Malaysia’s “failed state” is its failed population segment”

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‘Oppressed’ Christians fear JAIS will raid their homes

Excerpt below from an article in the Malay Mail today:

“the majority was not, is not, and will never be under attack in Malaysia here. It’s the minority groups. And they are the ones that the government should protect instead of sitting on the sidelines as others oppress them.”

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International magazine TIME disses Ultraman ban

“The Ultraman ban is the latest example of growing hard-line, religious conservatism under the country’s United Malay National Organization-led government,” said TIME magazine today.

TIME‘s portal, in its online report ‘A Japanese superhero is apparently destroying Malaysia‘, also said “Malaysian netizens have taken to social media to mock the government’s heavy handed response” and featured a tweeted remark by one Jackie Wong who criticized the Home Ministry order as “Kebodohan yang teramatlah…”.

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M’sian Insider report sparked Malaysiakini tiff with M’sia Chronicle

A Battle of the Online Media erupted recently with a flurry of speculation, allegations and hurried denials by their respective editors.

The still unfolding saga started with the two English online media – both which Umno senator Ezam Mohd Noor once threatened to ‘burn’ (read here) – with one, The Malaysian Insider, reporting that the other, Malaysiakini, was in talks to give its news to The Malay Mail in exchange for shares in the newspaper. Continue reading “M’sian Insider report sparked Malaysiakini tiff with M’sia Chronicle”