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Diversity — dead or alive? (Part 2) Emigrate

For National Day, Sin Chew invited Dr Awang Azman, Dr Jeniri Amir and Dr Azizuddin Sani to contribute their thoughts on the Merdeka spirit and multiculturalism.

Their essays lauding ‘diversity’ were published in the Sin Chew English portal on Aug 31. All three academics had largely positive messages, good intentions and their heart in the right place. See my blog post compilation yesterday.

Sin Chew had also invited Prof. Dr Mohd Tajuddin Mohd Rasdi to pen his thoughts. Tajuddin, now a lecturer with UCSI (better known as SEGI) University’s School of Architecture and Built Environment, was previously attached to UiTM.

For Prof. Tajuddin, diversity is not working out so well in the country. Continue reading “Diversity — dead or alive? (Part 2) Emigrate”

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Two 24-hour ultimatums within 48 hours in M’sia Baru

With friends like these Harapan YBs, who needs enemies? See tweets @ bottom of page.

(1) The liberals thought they were being promised liberal Islam in Malaysia Baru. Now they will realise they’re mistaken. Continue reading “Two 24-hour ultimatums within 48 hours in M’sia Baru”