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Dalai Lama says ‘Europe belongs to Europeans’

“The Dalai Lama – oft-considered the embodiment of peace and tolerance – has suggested Europe should only be for Europeans, telling refugees to go home and rebuild their own countries,” Newsweek reported yesterday.

The Tibetan spiritual leader – who is a past winner of the Nobel Peace Prize – was speaking in Malmo, Sweden. Last weekend, the country held its general election where anti-immigration party the Sweden Democrats took a great stride to finish in third place. Continue reading “Dalai Lama says ‘Europe belongs to Europeans’”

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Is KJ on his way out?

Umno Youth making a police report against MACC chief Abu Kassim, ex-AG Gani Patail and former Bank Negara governor Zeti is a deadly serious business.

However it was not Pemuda boss Khairy who had lodged the police report but his deputy Khairul Azwan.

Of late, KJ has been keeping a low profile. Rather than actively defending No.1 – like say ARD, SSK, Azalina, Nazri and Ismail Sabri – he has instead distanced his Pemuda Umno from the party president when traditionally it is the youth wing that takes up the cudgels. Continue reading “Is KJ on his way out?”

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Yellow trolleys for non-halal, green trolleys for Muslims

The Ministry of Domestic Trade is mulling guidelines to segregate supermarket trolleys under a new business licencing requirement.

It is suggested that the trolleys be differentiated by colour. A further option is to have separate payment counters for halal and non-halal items. Continue reading “Yellow trolleys for non-halal, green trolleys for Muslims”

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The more Alvin Tan insults Islam, the more FB fans he gets

UPDATED (11.18pm): Alvin announces that he has got 2,000-plus new Facebook followers in the last 12 hours

Original post:

MCA has condemned Alvin Tan’s latest stunt “abusing the Holy Quran” and “offending Muslims” – press statement today by its Religious Harmony bureau chairman, here.

The J-Star, the (online) paper owned by MCA, is so far silent on this piece of anti-Islam news.

The paper’s silence is in contrast to the total of 17 articles on Alvin and Vivian it published just in one weekend alone when Malaysians were first introduced to the sex couple’s porn material. Continue reading “The more Alvin Tan insults Islam, the more FB fans he gets”

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Mass graves in Perlis found of the Rohingya

No “pregnant women” in the photo below.

DAP evangelistas must be the world’s most judgmental people. They’re always sitting on their high horses and judging everybody. They even play judge and jury to convict the entire country in the court of public opinion.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh – “A nation is judged by the way we treat our migrant workers.” Continue reading “Mass graves in Perlis found of the Rohingya”

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“Racism”: Palestinians and Rohingya – one difference

“[T]he totally different reactions between the plight of the Muslim Rohingyas and the mostly Muslim Palestinians or Syrians” was brought up by regular commenter AC-DC @ 2015/05/20 at 12:02 pm.

Rohingya have become a boat people like Vietnamese before them.

Vietnamese boat people were mostly ethnic Chinese. Vietnam was not their motherland. Continue reading ““Racism”: Palestinians and Rohingya – one difference”

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Christian-led group rejects free Quran, calls gift-giving project “obnoxious”

The Malaysian Consultative Council of Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism, Sikhism and Taoism appears to believe the faith of non-Muslims is so fragile (begitu rapuh iman kami) that just by being exposed to the Quran, we will convert to Islam.

The MCCBCHST also seems to think that non-Muslims are easily confused and merely by reading a Quran, our original religious beliefs will be compromised (kami dipesongkan akidah).

Continue reading “Christian-led group rejects free Quran, calls gift-giving project “obnoxious””

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Umno Cheras warlord detonates sticky bomb, Chinese go ballistic

Umno Cheras division chief Syed Ali Alhabshee’s reputation precedes him. He is one colourful character known for being an outspoken maverick.

Yesterday he hit the Malaysiakini headlines – see below – where the portal’s news report has thus far elicited 163 reader comments (as at time of writing). Continue reading “Umno Cheras warlord detonates sticky bomb, Chinese go ballistic”

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Berita Felixia peluk Islam buat 61% pembaca J-Star marah, kecewa dan sebal

Cerita paling menarik minat orangramai menjelang bulan Ramadan ini ialah tentang pragawati seksi Felixia Yeap dikurniakan hidayah untuk masuk Islam dalam beberapa hari lagi.

The J-Star melapor “Malaysia’s first ever Playboy bunny Felixia Yeap (pic) will be ‘reborn’ this Thursday when she embraces Islam”.

“Roborn” atau “born again” ialah istilah yang amat digemari para evangelista. Continue reading “Berita Felixia peluk Islam buat 61% pembaca J-Star marah, kecewa dan sebal”

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BumiChindia: Land of the Chinese and the Indians

In 1947, out of every 100 people you met in the Federation of Malaya, 44 were Malays, 39 Chinese, 11 Indians and 5 Indonesians, according to the 1947 census figures.

The population of 1947, in what was termed “British Malaya” (Singapore excluded), was 4,878,400.

  • The Malays inclusive of Indonesians were 2,398,200 or 49.2 percent.

Continue reading “BumiChindia: Land of the Chinese and the Indians”

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Natrah 2.0: Feel the LOVE showered on Isma girl


Mualaf dipandang lebih rendah daripada anjing oleh Dapster

“Alifah Ting membayar dengan harga yang sangat tinggi”

Alifah Ting, just tell them “Salam 1Negara Islam back to all of you!”

***   ***   ***

The Yang Dipertua of Majlis Syura Isma, Ustaz Sharipudin Abdul Kadir, is on the warpath. You might be wondering What About? and Why?

Well, among other things, Ustaz Sharipudin wants to know Mengapakah mereka begitu biadab terhadap bangsa Melayu?” Continue reading “Natrah 2.0: Feel the LOVE showered on Isma girl”

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Lepas kotak ‘Bangsa’ dibuang bolehlah dengan lebih mudah Melayu diKristiankan

Melayu dan Islam saling terikat identiti kedua-duanya di negara ini.

Puan Speaker Hannah Yeoh berkeras menuntut agar butir “Bangsa” dibuang daripada dokumen-dokumen paling mustahak, iaitu surat beranak dan kad pengenalan.

Lihat tweetnya di bawah: “the more important forms should be birth cert & IC application forms. Must remove where it matters”

Twitter - hannahyeoh- the more important birthcert Continue reading “Lepas kotak ‘Bangsa’ dibuang bolehlah dengan lebih mudah Melayu diKristiankan”

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“Evangelistas look down on Indians” / On mamak and mualaf too?

By MalayPrincess

That’s what I was trying to deliver in my comment of previous entry about the dress…

Google image search result only showed HY [Hannah Yeoh] wore a Punjabi dress… NO RESULT for SARI… even for Elizabeth Wong, Teresa Kok and Teo Nie Ching. Even if they had wore, the result maybe not in the top 10 pages in Google search. Continue reading ““Evangelistas look down on Indians” / On mamak and mualaf too?”

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Hot air baboon

Holier-than-thou politicians who love to preach are like hot air balloons.

Talk is cheap but somehow … sigh … there are always gullible buyers for the sales pitch nonetheless.

The eager buyers fail to register that the new, glorious government they’re promised is after all made up of politicians too. Is the new bunch of politicians really better than the old bunch or just more insufferably self-righteous?

Continue reading “Hot air baboon”

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Haris Ibrahim punya Bangsar ‘Melayu’ 1Sekolah Inggeris

Haris Ibrahim memuji kejayaan Singapura sebagai “the wealthiest nation in the world by GDP per capita, beating out Norway, the U.S., Hong Kong and Switzerland”.

Dia memblog tentang Bangsa Singapura sebagai contoh pembangunan negara bangsa serentak satu dialog SABM-Hakam hari ini bersama wakil-wakil daripada tujuh parti politik — DAP (Hannah Yeoh), STAR/Sabah (Daniel John Jambun), SAPP (Benny Low), PSM (Sivarajan & Arutchelvan), PRM (Koh Swe Yong & Erick), PKR (Winstone Beltrand) dan Upko (dua orang yang tidak dinamakan dalam laporan berita oleh SABM).

Continue reading “Haris Ibrahim punya Bangsar ‘Melayu’ 1Sekolah Inggeris”

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VS: What do the Chinese want, really?

Reported today in The Star:

“As up-and-coming new face Rowena Yam pointed out, the plan not only addresses the economic gap between island and mainland, it also addresses the aspirations of the Penang middle class.

Penang has a large middle class that is very private sector driven. The features of the plan has particular appeal for this group,” said Yam.

Rowena Yam is a Penangite.

Penang is where the Chinese middle class are the loudest of the loud. Continue reading “VS: What do the Chinese want, really?”

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Kalau ditakdirkan Pakatan memerintah …

Bersambung dari ‘Eh, Guan Eng belum ajar Dong Jiao Zong lagi ke?’

Posting awal ini membincangkan manifesto “common identity” yang digembar-gemburkan Lim Guan Eng dan DAP sebagai falsafah Malaysian First parti mereka.

Hannah Yeoh (lihat bawah) beberapa hari lepas menekankan mesej “in a nation like Malaysia where race is used to divide its people, a single identity as Malaysian is BADLY needed.” Akan tetapi adakah kita mahu bergalaskan kerangka identiti DAPster mereka?

Screenshots di bawah diambil daripada sesi soal-jawab Twitter Continue reading “Kalau ditakdirkan Pakatan memerintah …”

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Eh, Guan Eng belum ajar Dong Jiao Zong lagi ke?

DAP berkeras mahu menundukkan kita semua kepada falsafah Malaysian First partinya yang merupakan “the idea of a national Malaysian consciousness” serta yang menentang “separate racial compartments”.

DAP selalu menyeru, “Let us pursue this Malaysian Dream that we are seen not as Malays, Chinese and Indians but as 100% Malaysians with equal rights and opportunities ….”

DAP juga menjadi tulang belakang kepada tunjuk perasaan Dong Jiao Zong baru-baru ini. Continue reading “Eh, Guan Eng belum ajar Dong Jiao Zong lagi ke?”

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Wannabe club members who give me the creeps

On Friday I wrote about the narrator of a homemade YouTube clip who’d accused the prime minister of hypocrisy, and pronouncing his name “Dar-took Sri Najeeeb Rey-zeck”.

The video was uploaded by a Ms Betty Sung. Its voiceover, which sounds like a Chinese employing a Mat Salleh Celup accent (“Moss-lemz”), rolled the PM’s name in a very creepy way — quite hair-raising to ears attuned to our loghat tempatan.

Continue reading “Wannabe club members who give me the creeps”

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Malay support emboldening biadap syndrome

This posting is a continuation of The ‘chauvinist’ label, Chinese self-destructiveness & changing dynamics.

I had written in Part I that it is a big mistake for Malays to label DAP a ‘Chinese chauvinist’ party because DAP is not controlled by those exhibiting traits of Chineseness.

Instead the Christian evangelical faction who have got a strangehold on the party were educated in missionary schools, employ the White Man political vocabulary and use the loony left bully pulpit. They clearly fail the junzi test.

Continue reading “Malay support emboldening biadap syndrome”