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Tun has returned, and he exaggerates

After a week’s silence, Tun is back swinging and delivering today yet another stinger. He says in Che Det, “Democracy is dead”.

“Democracy is dead” were identically Tun Dr Ismail’s famous words with regard to the aftermath of the May 13 riots. It’s hardly a good omen for Tun Mahathir to resurrect such an evocative phrase that’s so intertwined with our bloody past. Continue reading “Tun has returned, and he exaggerates”

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Hannah Yeoh: BN’s “pathetic” people with their “backward thinking”

“The Malay psyche appears simple in essence and yet it is complex in fathoming. A non-Malay, who has only a superficial relationship with a Malay, can easily fall into the trap of taking the Malay for granted.” – Dr Ismail Noor and Muhammad Azaham Wahab (The Malays Par Excellence … Warts and All, p.19)

Hannah YeohJune2012
Hannah Yeoh – So pathetic uols and backward thinking

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Implication of BN going after 65% of the Malay vote

DAP strategist Liew Chin Tong told Bloomberg, “With Mahathir playing the racist card, they are speaking to only the Malay audience in the hope to push the Malay vote up to 65 percent”.

Well, it  IS  logically the survival tactic required in order to win, isn’t it, given the near total rejection of the BN by the Chinese electorate.

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Breaking the duck on Ibrahim Ali’s “May 13” remarks

1. Perkasa was big news in The Malaysian Insider yesterday under the main story banner headline: ‘Growing Chinese clout may cause new May 13, says Ibrahim Ali

2. A TMI reader commented: “Ok I’m going to the nearest police station to lodge a police report against Ibrahim Ali for inciting racial tension. Who’s with me?”

Zachkelate was given 1,200-plus Thumbs Up by TMI readers (see screenshot). Continue reading “Breaking the duck on Ibrahim Ali’s “May 13” remarks”

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ABU bercadang hendak ke jalanan

Tiga hari lepas (Julai 27), pelopor Asal Bukan Umno/ABU Haris Ibrahim memblog tajuk ‘Manchester’s Plan B, stands and directions? Will RPK make sense of these for us?’

‘Manchester’ merujuk kepada Raja Petra Kamarudin yang menginap di kota tersebut. Haris telah memberi kata putus ’48 jam’ (“I will wait 48 hours to hear from him”) bagi RPK membalas sahutannya. Continue reading “ABU bercadang hendak ke jalanan”