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Umno “insensitive” to fasting Malays b’cos its paper has chicken drumsticks ad

Not I say one, ok. It’s DAP Sensitivity Squad out browbeating ppl who Instagram food pix cos fasting Malays must be shielded from the sight Continue reading “Umno “insensitive” to fasting Malays b’cos its paper has chicken drumsticks ad”

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Hypocrites now becoming Ramadan enforcers nak tunjuk diri (Dapster) gitu sensitif & prihatin

We’ve seen how Cina™ YouTiup-type memandai x2 nak ajar org Melayu bagaimana m’jadi > Islam. Now they policing cyberspace dont allow food pix

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Now they’re policing TWITTERJAYA don’t allow food pix (to be Instagammed)

(“They” refers to Cina munafik tudung and #sahur types)


Who are the Dapsters to insist that Dr M is not a real Malay?