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KEMASKINI: Jenazah orang Belanda pun diberi penghormatan tentera kita gak

Mutakhir (8.05 mlm): Bukan setakat jenazah seorang warga asing tetapi dua, mengikut maklum terkini oleh Panglima Angkatan Tentera Jen Zulkifeli Mohd Zin –

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Pada 2 Sept ini, KLIA akan menyambut ketibaan lapan jenazah yang dihantar dari Amsterdam. Tujuh mangsa nahas MH17 tersebut adalah warga Malaysia manakala seorang lagi ialah keturunan Belanda yang mahu disemadikan di negara kita.

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36 hours after we have our Merdeka fireworks, cry again

The groom and his bride are passing through a sabre arch.

Now if you’re not a member of the military, then you don’t lah kebas their istiadat silang pedang waktu kahwin.

It belongs to the Angkatan Tentera and is an honour meant for men who really serve, like the guy below. Continue reading “36 hours after we have our Merdeka fireworks, cry again”

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Is postponement of next batch MH17 victims’ return due to Merdeka celebrations?

Najib Razak today claimed that certain groups had played up the special honour paid to MH17 victims because these anti-national unity groups wanted to “break up” the solidarity among the rakyat.

“There are always people who want to break us up,” he said. Continue reading “Is postponement of next batch MH17 victims’ return due to Merdeka celebrations?”

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Trivializing military honours and meaning of the flag

Perlis Mufti Juanda Jaya and his fatwa committee decided that their state should opt out of the nationwide one-minute silence yesterday for victims of MH17.

They were concerned that the Day of Mourning was contrary to a 1987 national, and a 1974 Perlis, fatwa. See scan of memo issued by Perlis deputy mufti Roslan Esa Continue reading “Trivializing military honours and meaning of the flag”

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The sudden pain in TMI’s heart

The ‘MH’ code of Malaysia Airlines also stands for Malaysian Hospitality — or so an unlikely “moralist” (more about him later) reminds us although some China citizens, i.e. the kinfolk of the MH370 victims, may not be inclined to agree.

But the heated public debates are not about the “exemplary work” done by the MAS cabin crew or how undeserved MAS is of the twin tragedies. Or even about apportioning blame as if MAS were a rape victim unfairly faulted for being skimpily clad — the misplaced “rape” analogy provided by Jahabar Sadiq, The Malaysian Insider editor.

My objection to the objectors (Jahabar the Moral Censor refers here) of open debate is based on respecting the spirit of inquiry.

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It’s confirmed — PKR wants Azizah as Selangor MB

Not everyone has his mind on MH17 despite the standard lines such as “praying God’s comfort over the families” which are trotted out for the consumption of the politically correct.

The head honchos of PKR, obviously, have had their mind focused on other more pressing matters pertinent to the party’s survival.

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MP’s wife: Malaysia “what kind of rotten country” … oops “Sorry! Let’s pray for MH17!”

Continues to ‘Will they be praying to Allah for MH17 in Jerusubang on Wed.?

Yuki Tan is wife to DAP Tanjong MP Ng Wei Aik who is former political secretary to Lim Guan Eng.

Responding to the MH17 crash, Yuki wrote in her Facebook, “What kind of rotten country is this place!” (see screenshot below). Continue reading “MP’s wife: Malaysia “what kind of rotten country” … oops “Sorry! Let’s pray for MH17!””

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Liow is unrealistic

Some questions with regard to Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai’s 722-word statement on the loss of MH17.


LTL: “officials in the US and the Ukraine have indicated that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 was shot down. Should this be confirmed, it would contravene international law”

Maybe so, but the alleged perpetrators are rebels (meaning of “rebel” — one who does not obey). Or if you wish, they are Christian terrorists too. How can LTL expect rebels/terrorists to adhere to the law, international or otherwise?

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Liow Tiong Lai’s plane crash to handle

There have been only two major commercial airliner crashes in the world this year, i.e. MH370 where 239 people are presumed dead and MH17 with its 295 passengers and crew. Both involve Malaysia Airlines.

Newly minted Transport Minister Liow Tiong Lai is now even-Steven with his cabinet colleague Hisham Hussein who was the previous acting Transport Minister. Both are our government spokesman on airplane disappearance/downing that have each cost between 200 and 300 lives.

Najib’s ministers are in the international limelight for the most unfortunate ‘wrong’ reasons. Continue reading “Liow Tiong Lai’s plane crash to handle”