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Kes Nurul: Ramai YB evangelista DAP meroyan giler

Hipokrit Hannah memperjuangkan hak Nurul Izzah untuk berucap tanpa sebarang kekangan di Dewan Rakyat.

Namun di garismasa Twitternya sendiri, @hannahyeoh telah menyekat kebebasan bersuara berpuluh-puluh orang pengguna media sosial yang telah berani menyoal ataupun mempertikaikan percakapannya. Continue reading “Kes Nurul: Ramai YB evangelista DAP meroyan giler”

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Important agenda for Umno divisions meeting this Sunday @mpkotabelud

Isn’t it wonderful when the passage of time – a mere two years down the road – proves you to have been absolutely correct?

~ ~ I told you so ~~

On 17 May 2013, I had blogged that Najib Razak’s exclamation of “Chinese tsunami” was factually correct and it was indeed true that Chinese voters had ditched the BN wholesale in the election which was held a week-plus earlier (May 5).

And I provided the data to support my finding.

Well, guess what?

In terms of Chinese sentiment – i.e. how the Chinese feel about the country and the government, the Merdeka Center public opinion survey results for the first quarter of 2015 are now a perfect match with the 2013 election mood. Continue reading “Important agenda for Umno divisions meeting this Sunday @mpkotabelud”

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Teresa: Umno ministers “takde sense of humour” (must watch more Hong Kong movies)

You can watch Teresa Kok’s interview uploaded today in KiniTV where she says that the Umno ministers have no sense of humour — ‘Umno sengaja cari pasal, siapa makan cili dia rasa pedas, kata Kok

The actress in Teresa Kok’s CNY video denies that she was portraying Rosmah Mansor but instead claims that she was imitating Lydia Shum, a famous Hong Kong comedienne. Continue reading “Teresa: Umno ministers “takde sense of humour” (must watch more Hong Kong movies)”

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Najib holidaying in Bermuda

… in the Bermuda Triangle, I mean.

Dunno lah actually where our PM is now. Last Dec 30, Kadir Jasin blogged that Najib Razak could likely be in Las Vegas to catch the new year sunrise.

“Yes, Najib is some sort like kura-kura. Kura-kura suka makan kangkong. Plus kura-kura bergerak sangat ppeelllaahhhaannn and bila ada problem, sembunyi kepala dalam tempurung. Senyap seribu bahasa.” Continue reading “Najib holidaying in Bermuda”