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Kalimah ‘Allah’ issue will escalate and rupture

A survey of public perception on the kalimah ‘Allah’ controversy was conducted by the Universiti Malaya Centre for Democracy & Elections last December (a year ago) among 1,676 respondents in the peninsula.

The pie chart below shows the ethnic breakdown of those who participated in the Umcedel poll. Continue reading “Kalimah ‘Allah’ issue will escalate and rupture”

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Marina’s latest column on a “grotesque” leader

Marina Mahathir’s column in the J-Star yesterday was headlined ‘True leaders‘.

Marina begins by telling us that she is often asked if Malaysia will ever have a woman premier.

So, logically, we are to presume that the true leadership Marina elects to discuss in her article is the level presiding at the apex of power, i.e. prime ministerial. Continue reading “Marina’s latest column on a “grotesque” leader”

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Violence, “Islamic militants”, peace-loving Christians and the NUCC hate crime bill

The J-Star headline crafted by the evangelista editors yesterday said, ‘Senseless jihad puts Malaysia as global violence hub, says Home Ministry officer’ (see below).

The Nest of Evangelistas seems quite gleeful to be able to report that “the international community sees Malaysia as a hub and exporter of Islamic militants”.

Continue reading “Violence, “Islamic militants”, peace-loving Christians and the NUCC hate crime bill”

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Marina mewakili NUCC jumpa rombongan paderi evangelis

Mengikut Mujahid Yusof Rawa, pengerusi jawatankuasa undang-undang dan dasar Majlis Perpaduan, deraf yang dirangka NUCC bertujuan untuk menghapuskan jenayah kebencian (hate crime) dan ia amat mustahak bagi mengekalkan keamanan dan keharmonian negara.

Rang Undang-undang yang disyorkan NUCC ialah:

1. RUU Jenayah Kebencian (Hate Crime) Kaum dan Agama
2. RUU Harmoni dan Rekonsiliasi
3. RUU Suruhanjaya Harmoni dan Rekonsiliasi Continue reading “Marina mewakili NUCC jumpa rombongan paderi evangelis”