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S’gor exco must explain Christian presence in mosques

Only religious programmes are allowed in Selangor mosques. Even PAS cannot stage its political programmes at the mosque and surau, state exco Iskandar Abdul Samad told Malay Mail Online.

What kind of “religious programmes” are the evangelical Christian Hannah Yeoh – pix below – and her horde staging in the mosques? Continue reading “S’gor exco must explain Christian presence in mosques”

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Apa maksud Kit Siang mahu menyekutukan agama-agama?

Lim Kit Siang berucap di Sabah semalam dalam siri jelajah ‘Ubah’ DAP ke seluruh negara.

Dalam ceramahnya di Inanam, Kota Kinabalu, Kit Siang berkata:

“… Pakatan Rakyat’s 13GE call and objective is the positive and constructive theme of ‘Unite and Rule’ unifying all races, religions and states Continue reading “Apa maksud Kit Siang mahu menyekutukan agama-agama?”

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Zina, ‘potong’ and the suckers born every minute

PAS’s Tok Gurus have repeatedly stated that the prime minister must be Muslim.

Dr Chua Soi Lek caused a verbal flap when he remarked that Kim Guan Eng must “potong” (berkhatan) should the latter wish to become PM. His comment was predictably highlighted by those media indulging their readers’ favourite pastime of taking potshots at the MCA president.

Harakah was not tardy either to get in a dig by bringing up what the party organ dubs Dr Chua’s “tryst with prostitute“. Continue reading “Zina, ‘potong’ and the suckers born every minute”