When bad things happen to good people

Un peyar enna?“, I asked the elderly woman in wheelchair whom I met in the Jalan Duta court complex.

I’m not sure if my syntax was in the correct required courteous form for a younger person to address an older one but anyway the phrase is Tamil for “What is your name?”

“Kalaiyani,” she replied in a friendly manner and we chatted a bit.

The lady passed away a few weeks after that meeting. Continue reading “When bad things happen to good people”

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Najib’s desperation is showing

BN today announced that they are accepting two mosquito parties – Persatuan India Malaysia and Parti Punjabi Malaysia – as their new associate members. Read the rest of the report in Umno Online.

LOL. Continue reading “Najib’s desperation is showing”

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“Rekonsiliasi Nasional” — Kera di hutan disusukan

(1) Perdana Menteri baru-baru ini mengumumkan hasratnya ke arah rekonsiliasi nasional. Najib Razak berkata beliau “tersentuh dengan reaksi rakyat yang menyuarakan sokongan dan dorongan yang kukuh agar Malaysia lebih bersatu padu”.

Yang saya nak tanya: Kenapa seorang PM yang kononnya mengkehendaki “rekonsiliasi nasional” memilih pula untuk sengaja meminggirkan golongan India miskin yang telah memberikan sokongan padu mereka kepada BN dalam pilihanraya lepas? Continue reading ““Rekonsiliasi Nasional” — Kera di hutan disusukan”


Indians are their own worst enemies

Reporter Narinder Singh fired a barrage of criticism at Waytha Moorthy, in addition to blasting Najib and BN as well as Pakatan in his FMT opinion piece today titled ‘Waytha, the BN waterboy all washed up‘.

Narinder views Waytha’s resignation as a late-in-the-day realisation by the Hindraf chairman that “he is better off fighting from outside the ring rather from within the circles of the Putrajaya boys”.

I have just one simple question: So who is going to help, and how will assistance and poverty alleviation programmes be delivered to the poorest Indians now? Continue reading “Indians are their own worst enemies”

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Thank you all for the responses to my Waytha postings

Considering that the predominant readership in my blog is presumably pro-establishment Malay, the responses here, all in all, has been rather muted (when it could have been far more hostile).

Compared to some of the “happy to see him go” responses elsewhere in the pro-Umno websites, I take your relative silence / restraint as something positive, i.e. no news is good news, because at least there is not much venting against him.

Continue reading “Thank you all for the responses to my Waytha postings”


[ Hindraf ] Deputy minister resigns / Pakatan full of hate and spite

Hindraf’s P. Waytha Moorthy will resign as Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department (JPM) as well as from his senator post on Monday (10 Feb 2014) — see FMT report.

Waytha had earlier announced his resolve to leave the JPM should he not be able to deliver on the MoU blueprint signed between the BN and Hindraf. He said this months ago on 1 Aug 2013 Continue reading “[ Hindraf ] Deputy minister resigns / Pakatan full of hate and spite”

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Pakatan’s “Hitlerite Blackshirt tactics” — Hindraf


By P. Waytha Moorthy

Historic opportunities arise when certain defining events converge for a while in history. The minority Indian Malaysians have such a historic opportunity on their hands right now.  It behooves all Indian Malaysians to be able to perceive this window of opportunity, so the right decisions can be made and the historical circumstances utilized to the best advantage for all of future.

The Dacing (the Pakatan/Barisan Dacing) hangs in delicate balance one day before the elections. When it hangs in balance like this, even small additions to this side or that will determine the tilt of the Dacing. This is the historic opportunity that I speak of. The Indian minority, small as it is, can determine which way the Dacing will tilt.


Continue reading “Pakatan’s “Hitlerite Blackshirt tactics” — Hindraf”

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Raja Petra on the possibility of returning home

Raja Petra Kamarudin wrote yesterday in his column titled ‘The question of cowardice‘,

“The problem is: they [the critics] disparage me for refusing to return to Malaysia.”

“However, if I do return to Malaysia and nothing happens, they will say I have made a deal with Umno.”

“And if I return to Malaysia and I get arrested, they will say that it is merely wayang to stop people from saying I have made a deal with Umno.” Continue reading “Raja Petra on the possibility of returning home”

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But Hindraf, you have declared war on Umno before, bukan?

Hindraf chief P. Waytha Moorthy believes that politicians merely ride on the issues to gain political mileage.

“The poor Indians have seen 12 elections before this and many have voted in many elections believing in the promises of both divide. They are tired and have given up hope on politicians,” he said. Continue reading “But Hindraf, you have declared war on Umno before, bukan?”