When will more Penangites start questioning their state gomen?

I don’t see DAP losing Penang in the coming general election. What I do see, however, is Penangites becoming more and more like North Koreans in their Dear Leader and ‘All Hail the Party’ cult. To them, DAP can do no wrong and will be defended at all costs.

A hill-slope landslide on the island at a construction site in Tanjung Bungah killed 11 workers Saturday. Eleven people perished but the Penang government still can simply dismiss the matter. “Work site accidents happen almost every single day, so imagine if ministers have to resign because of them,” said the DAP Penang chairman, Continue reading “When will more Penangites start questioning their state gomen?”

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Raja Petra: “Who was Lim Guan Eng’s grandfather?”

Raja Petra Kamarudin asks in his No Holds Barred column headline today, ‘Who was Lim Guan Eng’s grandfather?’

“Was he a pork seller? Was he a vegetable farmer? Was he a labourer? Or was he a Kapitan China in Melaka?”

Answer: Guan Eng’s grandfather was an “agriculture technician” who worked on a pig farm Continue reading “Raja Petra: “Who was Lim Guan Eng’s grandfather?””

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Reason the Chinese eat dog and cat meat

A reader ‘anakmelayu’ commented @ 2015/04/18 at 9:12 pm: “Truly disgusting … I just can’t fathom why they choose to eat these kinds of things? Yucks!!” on my post ‘Half a dozen Chinese restaurants closed after dog meat found in kitchen‘.

I believe the Chinese eat dog and cat because they’re “easily confused” when one thing closely resembles another, for example because a cat can sometimes look like roast chicken.


Barbie and Ken

Barbie Ken

Paris Hilton and Jho Low

Paris Hilton Jho Low

Guan Eng and Cat

knocked out cat

Cat and Roast Chicken

cat roast chicken

Roast Dog and Roast Pig

Roast dog Roast pig

Church and Chicken


Hannah and Chameleon

Hannah Snakes Chameleons

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Coming to your neighbourhood: ‘Ubah Dream Machine’ or nightmare?

On the heels of Anwar’s luxury tour bus are rolling the ‘Ubah Dream Machines’, as these DAP evangelical campaign vehicles have been dubbed.

The Guan Eng travelling circus was recently launched to take their portable stage (see photo No.4 below) and Tokong paraphernalia (photo No.5 — the altar) cross country. Continue reading “Coming to your neighbourhood: ‘Ubah Dream Machine’ or nightmare?”

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Cockiness is contagious: Big Tokong sprouting little tokongs

Cheah Yee Ling is an intern at DAP headquarters who suddenly found herself with an audience of 50,000 courtesy of a retweet by Hannah Yeoh.

Inasmuch as Cheah Yee Ling complains in her tweet about “blood pressure is rising” due to the “much rubbish” printed in Utusan, the reverse is also true. Insolent and cocky comments by DAPsters do not make some of us feel very zen either. Continue reading “Cockiness is contagious: Big Tokong sprouting little tokongs”