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Perkasa, are you for or against Bersih 4.0? ~ Come on, speak up

In my previous post, I asked the following question – Is Bersih 4.0 safe?

The Circle – a group 30 retired chiefs of armed forces – yesterday expressed their disquiet and grave concern about the security situation in our country.

Perkasa has also got retired high-ranking military men in the leadership of the organization. Thus, will these Perkasa leaders and members who had served in the army before please publicly state their stand on Bersih 4.0?

Some two-and-a-half weeks before Bersih 2.0 (9 July 2011), Hannah Yeoh in her June 20th tweet took a dig at Perkasa. Continue reading “Perkasa, are you for or against Bersih 4.0? ~ Come on, speak up”

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Ibrahim Ali: Dah Perkasa kenal, maka kami pun cinta lah

Talking about his loving Christian brothers and sisters, Ibrahim Ali enthused, “As the saying goes – tak tahu, tak cinta. Now we know and now we can embrace”.

With Perkasa getting increasingly familiar with the Christians for Peace and Harmony, revealed Ibrahim Ali to a press conference, it’s become much easier for both groups “to accept each other”.

Continue reading “Ibrahim Ali: Dah Perkasa kenal, maka kami pun cinta lah”

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Malays will flock to PAS because Umno is getting on our nerves

By Shamshul Anuar

As expected, Umno takes the easy way out. Its way of handling or preempting slandering is horrible.

It simply refuses to be firm. It “showers” love and affection on those who wish Umno gone. Take an example on slanders against Majlis Raja-Raja . Even the Highnesses had openly voiced out their displeasure.

What more does Umno need before responding? Continue reading “Malays will flock to PAS because Umno is getting on our nerves”

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Dwi-standard media terhadap Perkasa

Presiden Perkasa Ibrahim Ali hari ini menyeru pihak media supaya bertindak adil terhadap beliau dengan tidak sering memanggilnya “katak” beserta menggelar pertubuhannya “ultra, “rasis” dan “pelampau” / “ekstremis”.

Ibrahim dicemuh sebagai katak atas alasan beliau melompat dari satu parti ke parti yang lain.

Ruj. ‘Stop calling me katak, Ibrahim pleads’ (Malaysiakini, 8 Mei 2015)

Continue reading “Dwi-standard media terhadap Perkasa”

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Perkasa, size does not matter

Bashing the “right wingers” — J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai’s word to describe the Malay grassroots organization – seems to be a national past time for the 52 percent of the voting population who do not support the BN.

Today Perkasa chalked up another ‘laurel’ for being tarred with the Taliban brush – see ‘Fear of Malaysia turning into another Afghanistan prompted open letter(The Malaysian Insider). Continue reading “Perkasa, size does not matter”

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J-Star wants extremist “monster” exterminated

The J-Star today continued pushing its Nest of Evangelista campaign against “radicalism, extremism, terrorism and militancy”.

Headlined ‘We’ve to nip it now – and at all costs‘, the EvangeliSTAR editorial said that “extremism” could come whether in the form of “terror groups such as IS or even through the voices of certain groups or individuals”.

Evidently, the J-Star and its evangelista editors believe that certain groups and even certain individuals in our country are “extremists” (or “racists” or “bigots” or haters who spew venom).

Continue reading “J-Star wants extremist “monster” exterminated”

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The issue is not Ibrahim Ali ! It’s the Yahudi Yeohs claiming kalimah Allah

Ibrahim Ali was at the Palace of Justice last Oct 14 when he declared that his organization is all for peace and harmony among Malaysians of different races and religions.

The Perkasa chief told the crowd gathered at the court complex that morning how Christians are like his own family just as how the Christian evangelists always say Muslims are their brothers and sisters. Continue reading “The issue is not Ibrahim Ali ! It’s the Yahudi Yeohs claiming kalimah Allah”

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Gereja: Uskup Agung KL dilantik adalah “pilihan Allah”

A crowd of more than 12,000 people thronged the event at the church in Wan Azizah’s DUN constituency – see Hannah Yeoh’s tweet below.

Julian Leow Beng Kim said it was “with humility and meekness that [he] accept this appointment as the fourth Archbishop of Kuala Lumpur”. Continue reading “Gereja: Uskup Agung KL dilantik adalah “pilihan Allah””

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Who is the J-Star calling “thugs”?

J-Star CEO Wong Chun Wai is pouring scorn on certain “groups” for their caution against a repeat of May 13. But he doesn’t name these groups.

Earlier Chun Wai was insolent enough to refer to Zainuddin Maidin, our Tokoh Wartawan Negara 2006, as “a blogger” without the courtesy of naming the Tan Sri.

When Chun Wai wrote about “a pro-Barisan blogger who has dedicated herself to bashing The Star on a daily basis”, he omitted to mention her name as well but you all know who he meant, right?

Continue reading “Who is the J-Star calling “thugs”?”

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Marina mewakili NUCC jumpa rombongan paderi evangelis

Mengikut Mujahid Yusof Rawa, pengerusi jawatankuasa undang-undang dan dasar Majlis Perpaduan, deraf yang dirangka NUCC bertujuan untuk menghapuskan jenayah kebencian (hate crime) dan ia amat mustahak bagi mengekalkan keamanan dan keharmonian negara.

Rang Undang-undang yang disyorkan NUCC ialah:

1. RUU Jenayah Kebencian (Hate Crime) Kaum dan Agama
2. RUU Harmoni dan Rekonsiliasi
3. RUU Suruhanjaya Harmoni dan Rekonsiliasi Continue reading “Marina mewakili NUCC jumpa rombongan paderi evangelis”

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Dyana pins corsage on Dr M at yet another Perkasa event

See update

‘Dyana’s DNA is thoroughbred Perkasa lah’

***   ***   ***

Earlier that photo of Dyana Sofya registering new Perkasa members had surfaced. Below is Dyana at a separate and later Perkasa event.

She was part of the welcoming committee to greet the Perkasa VVIP, Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Continue reading “Dyana pins corsage on Dr M at yet another Perkasa event”

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The kind of Malays who join DAP

Syerleena Abdul Rashid is the political education director of the Bukit Bendera DAP women’s wing.

Her writings appear very, very often in the newsletter of the NGO, Aliran.

I hope Aliran doesn’t try anymore to pretend that it is “non partisan”. Such a claim would be about as believable as Dyana Sesumpah pretending her mother Yammy was never associated with Perkasa. Continue reading “The kind of Malays who join DAP”

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Why Comango allowed inside but Muslim NGOs kept out?

An ‘interesting’ (if we can call it that) screed yesterday from The Nut Graph editor Jacqueline Ann Surin in her column. Her article ‘Malaysia’s pursuit of anarchy‘ talked about some “recent favourite targets for threats, hate speech and criminal intimidation”. Among the targets — the Christians, Teresa Kok, Malaysiakini and Comango, according to Jacqueline.

Continue reading “Why Comango allowed inside but Muslim NGOs kept out?”

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Adakah Najib masih mempunyai sokongan daripada Perkasa?

Soalan menarik yang wajar untuk direnungi.


Chew Mei Fun, iaitu calon MCA untuk pilihanraya kecil Kajang, telah dihentam kaw-kaw oleh Dapsters kerana berkongsi ‘pentas’ dengan ketua Perkasa Negeri Sembilan Ruslan Kassim.

Serangan Bintang Lima evangelista ke atas Chew tidak banyak beza dengan taktik Bintang Tiga zaman komunis. Continue reading “Adakah Najib masih mempunyai sokongan daripada Perkasa?”

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What if Perkasa doesn’t share Najib’s superhuman tolerance?

First out all, look at some of the responses to a Perkasa press statement on the recent Umno demo in Penang.

Comments by Malaysiakini subscribers (screenshot below) @

There are lots of insults — “bodoh”, “shameless idiots”, “assholes”, “bahalol”, “stupid”/”stupidity”, “racist”, “bigots”, “mamak paria”, “Keling MOOlayus”, “Perkosa bastards”, “Dimno geng”, “anjing”, “mongrels”, “hounds from hell”.

Continue reading “What if Perkasa doesn’t share Najib’s superhuman tolerance?”

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Pecah undi Melayu: Berjasa lwn MCA, Perkasa lwn Gerakan

Gerakan kata ia sebuah parti majmuk tetapi kesemua 12 orang calon Parlimennya adalah kaum Cina. Baik mengaku sahaja sebuah parti “pelbagai bangsa” ala DAP.

Sebelum ini, kita pernah membincangkan tentang pengerusi BN Pulau Pinang yang mendakwa kononnya tidak tahu menahu identiti penganjur ‘Himpunan Rakyat Bersatu’ yang diadakan baru-baru ini. Continue reading “Pecah undi Melayu: Berjasa lwn MCA, Perkasa lwn Gerakan”

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Breaking the duck on Ibrahim Ali’s “May 13” remarks

1. Perkasa was big news in The Malaysian Insider yesterday under the main story banner headline: ‘Growing Chinese clout may cause new May 13, says Ibrahim Ali

2. A TMI reader commented: “Ok I’m going to the nearest police station to lodge a police report against Ibrahim Ali for inciting racial tension. Who’s with me?”

Zachkelate was given 1,200-plus Thumbs Up by TMI readers (see screenshot). Continue reading “Breaking the duck on Ibrahim Ali’s “May 13” remarks”

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Kes Guan Eng: Kejap nampak, kejap tak

Drama queen betul lah si Kim Guan Eng ini.

Pada 28 Feb 2012, Guan Eng mengeluarkan kenyataan akhbar, ‘Following violent threats by their members, Umno and Perkasa personally responsible if anything happens to me’.

Tak ada apa-apa pun yang menimpa Guan Eng dalam tempoh 4 bulan yang lepas ini kecuali khabar angin dia diserang ashtray, dan itupun bukan Umno atau Perkasa yang baling.

Baru-baru ini pada Julai 1, Guan Eng telah Continue reading “Kes Guan Eng: Kejap nampak, kejap tak”