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The Star still not acknowledging its plagiarism

Malaysian Media Matters (MMM) last week detailed in three consecutive blog postings a prima facie case for plagiarism in The Star.

A columnist in the MCA-owned tabloid had apparently lifted passages verbatim from The Daily Mail (UK paper), from The New York Times, from a Yahoo! article, from a UK property website, from trade journal Psychology Today, from a professional guide to resume writing, from the work of a professor in a Columbia University publication, and likely from many more sources … but who’s counting.

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MCA should just sell DAP the plagiarizing Star

Why do I say that The Star is actually a creature cradled in DAP’s bosom? Let’s see whose behaviour it follows.

When MCA is caught in a wrongdoing, it owns up. MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek famously admitted, “Yes, I am the man”. Continue reading “MCA should just sell DAP the plagiarizing Star”