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Will Cina DAP bring tupperware to tapau from Anwar’s Raya open house?

Nons throng rumah terbuka PH

Anwar’s Hari Raya open houses in the imminent election states are expected to attract multiracial, multicultural and multi-religious visitors coming together in the spirit of muhibbah.

Raja Petra Kamarudin recalled how the Chinese had previously brought their plastic food containers to bungkus and take home the buffet spread served at Beloved Tun’s past open house @ The Mines. Continue reading “Will Cina DAP bring tupperware to tapau from Anwar’s Raya open house?”

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MCA must answer to Cabinet if The J-Star is inciting against the govt

Malaysiakini and The J-Star were raided by the police yesterday for the same story both had carried.

Commenting on the raids, MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker (below) said “the authorities were doing the right thing if they were clamping down on wayward or irresponsible reporting that was damaging the country or national interests” Continue reading “MCA must answer to Cabinet if The J-Star is inciting against the govt”

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Raja Petra and Sakmongkol on ‘terrorists’ and ‘evangelists’

Raja Petra Kamarudin’s column yesterday in Malaysia Today headlined ‘I am a terrorist because of you‘.

RPK’s definition of the word:

“A terrorist is someone who terrorises others. That is how the word came about. So, if you terrorise me then you are a terrorist. And terrorise means to scare, frighten, threaten, intimidate, bully, etc., someone.”

[Helen’s note: Like the DAP SuperCyber Bully and the EvangeliSTAR smear gang] Continue reading “Raja Petra and Sakmongkol on ‘terrorists’ and ‘evangelists’”

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Raja Petra on the possibility of returning home

Raja Petra Kamarudin wrote yesterday in his column titled ‘The question of cowardice‘,

“The problem is: they [the critics] disparage me for refusing to return to Malaysia.”

“However, if I do return to Malaysia and nothing happens, they will say I have made a deal with Umno.”

“And if I return to Malaysia and I get arrested, they will say that it is merely wayang to stop people from saying I have made a deal with Umno.” Continue reading “Raja Petra on the possibility of returning home”

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RPK akhirnya mengaku

“I have read many comments posted in Malaysia Today by readers who say that the Chinese do not need the Malays. In fact, I have deleted scores* of such comments because they only serve to rub the Malays the wrong way and does not help Pakatan Rakyat’s cause one bit.” — kata Raja Petra Kamarudin dalam rencananya bertajuk ‘Like a trapped animal (part 4)’

Continue reading “RPK akhirnya mengaku”

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The revolution that devoured itself

“A couple of days ago, I’d asked what is Raja Petra’s game plan?

I asked because I anticipated that Christian Talibans would react to Raja Petra’s Rosmah-Chong Wei article the way he fully (three-quarters? half?) expected them to. And we were both not ‘disappointed’ by the wholly predictable Malaysia Today reader comments, so to speak. Continue reading “The revolution that devoured itself”

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ABU bercadang hendak ke jalanan

Tiga hari lepas (Julai 27), pelopor Asal Bukan Umno/ABU Haris Ibrahim memblog tajuk ‘Manchester’s Plan B, stands and directions? Will RPK make sense of these for us?’

‘Manchester’ merujuk kepada Raja Petra Kamarudin yang menginap di kota tersebut. Haris telah memberi kata putus ’48 jam’ (“I will wait 48 hours to hear from him”) bagi RPK membalas sahutannya. Continue reading “ABU bercadang hendak ke jalanan”

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If you win the election, then you change the law, lah

With the old MACC investigation on Azmin Ali surfacing again, we see the most revealing squirms coming from the quarters that are campaigning most ferociously for Pakatan Rakyat.

Now what’s interesting about this squirming is the visible shifting in positions, or if you want another word, ‘Change’.

Continue reading “If you win the election, then you change the law, lah”