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Pro-refugee NGO actually thinks illegal immigrants are really only “trash”

You’d think that a self-described charity group which bills itself as dedicated to helping ‘refugees’ would have a more positive outlook on the people they’re supposedly there to help, but no. Continue reading “Pro-refugee NGO actually thinks illegal immigrants are really only “trash””

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M’sia staunchly defends Palestinians & Rohingya but quiet on Uighurs

Malaysia will continue to strongly advocate against human rights violations perpetrated on Palestinians and Rohingya, said our Foreign Minister on Friday (Oct 15).

Saifuddin Abdullah said in a statement: “Di persada antarabangsa, Malaysia akan terus membantah sekeras-kerasnya penindasan hak asasi manusia yang dilakukan, antaranya terhadap rakyat Palestin dan Rohingya di Myanmar.” Continue reading “M’sia staunchly defends Palestinians & Rohingya but quiet on Uighurs”

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DAP slams govt for xenophobia, unkindness to Rohingya

DAP is distressed and alarmed by “the heightened publicity attacks” against Rohingya.

The DAP’s Political Education Director penned an op-ed today titled ‘Why we should be kinder to Rohingya refugees’.

Liew Chin Tong (see below) took to task “the vitriol against a defenceless people” mounted by unkind Malaysians as well as slamming “the hard-line and xenophobic sentiments generated by the Perikatan government”. Continue reading “DAP slams govt for xenophobia, unkindness to Rohingya”

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Fifth generation immigrant yet still not integrated

Here we call them Bangla. You can’t tell them apart from Rohingya.

Most outsiders are unable to differentiate a Rohingya from a Bengali (Bangladeshi). The only people able to do so are those from Chittagong, i.e. the Bangladesh division where Cox’s Bazar is located.

“With only minor differences in language and appearance, the average Bangladeshi cannot readily distinguish a Rohingya from a Bangladeshi.” — HRW

Continue reading “Fifth generation immigrant yet still not integrated”

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Rohingya murtad, masuk Kristian

Sesetengah pelarian Rohingya yang menetap di India sudah tukar agama, kata laporan berita hari ini dalam The Economic Times.

Continue reading “Rohingya murtad, masuk Kristian”

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When have they ever had nice things to say about our country?

Apart from the usual suspects – Amnesty International, HRW-Human Rights Watch, Fortify Rights and other vocal NGOs – far left news outlets have also jumped on the ‘Bash Malaysia’ bandwagon.

Xenophobia is prevalent in Malaysia, said a report today in Vice Media headlined ‘Malaysia Is Planning to Send a Boat Full of Rohingya Refugees Back Out to Sea’.

There has been a “shocking” amount of online hate speech from Malaysians about the Rohingya refugees, as well as several anti-Rohingya groups and personal blogs, Vice quoted Liz Day as saying. In other words, Malaysians are haters. Continue reading “When have they ever had nice things to say about our country?”


Malays being told they are pendatang too

A most bizarre ‘All Lives Matter’ editorial appeared yesterday in the New Straits Times implying that we must be on the side of the “genocidal” Myanmar regime if we advocate for Malaysia to close our borders.

The NST warned, “If we turn xenophobic against the Rohingya, what’s the difference between us and the ethnic cleansers of Myanmar?” Continue reading “Malays being told they are pendatang too”


Dear 95%, Mahathir pun tak suka DAP. Let that sink in

A whole slew of Chinese virtue signalers are lately groaning and moaning aloud about “Rohingya-are-human-too” being the target of hate in Malaysia, konon.

Actually it is the Malays who are daily doused with demeaning slurs by Harapan supporters. Just listen to the bitter political discourse about “backdoor government” — all those nasty comments hurled at the Malay ruling parties coupled with acid contempt dripping for their lackeys MCA and MIC. Continue reading “Dear 95%, Mahathir pun tak suka DAP. Let that sink in”

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Rohingya armed struggle mirror the Chin Peng communists’s

The British messed up Burma as much as they did Malaya when they invaded the sovereign nation (First Anglo-Burmese War 1824 – 26).

You will be amazed at how much the history of the Rohingya has in common with the communists in Malaya, and the similar role played by the British in both countries. 

So who are the Rohingya? Continue reading “Rohingya armed struggle mirror the Chin Peng communists’s”

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Explaining Mahathir’s sleight of hand on ‘Rohingya’

Survey teams had found that Rohingya “who lived in rural areas could not speak any indigenous languages of Myanmar well. Rather, they spoke, wrote and read Bengali and Arabic,” said a Rakhine Inquiry Commission report (below). 

“They could not write or read the official Bamar language used in government communications,” added the government report published in July 2013. Continue reading “Explaining Mahathir’s sleight of hand on ‘Rohingya’”

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Are they hoping to run the ‘Help Rohingya’ NGOs?!

Qatar alone had agreed to donate US$50 million (RM218 million) for the Rohingya in Malaysia. That’s just one country. There must be more donations from other oil-rich countries too as well as hard cash courtesy of charitable Muslim sources — in short, big $$$ floating around in our ether earmarked for the Rohingya here.

Yesterday Zahid Hamidi asked where did all the money go. Continue reading “Are they hoping to run the ‘Help Rohingya’ NGOs?!”

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Long, bloody history of anti-Indian riots in Burma

Info below covering the years 1930-2007 is sourced from:

Renaud Egreteau, Burma (Myanmar) 1930-2007, Online Encyclopedia of Mass Violence, [online], published on 19 October 2009, accessed 29 May 2015, URL :, ISSN 1961-9898

1930; May-June: Several anti-Indian riots exploded in Rangoon and various Burmese cities and ports following a massive Indian coolies strike which began at Rangoon’s harbour on May 8. Continue reading “Long, bloody history of anti-Indian riots in Burma”

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Why exodus of one million Rohingya refugees is a real possibility

The native Burmese are very hostile to the Rohingya while the Myanmar government takes a hardline position to the extent of refusing to recognize the minority Muslim group as a legitimate ethnicity.

So basically, if Malaysia and any other host country is willing to take the Rohingya, then Myanmar really wouldn’t mind exporting the whole lot of them. Continue reading “Why exodus of one million Rohingya refugees is a real possibility”

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Mass graves in Perlis found of the Rohingya

No “pregnant women” in the photo below.

DAP evangelistas must be the world’s most judgmental people. They’re always sitting on their high horses and judging everybody. They even play judge and jury to convict the entire country in the court of public opinion.

BELOW: Hannah Yeoh – “A nation is judged by the way we treat our migrant workers.” Continue reading “Mass graves in Perlis found of the Rohingya”

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Rohingya suspected of bringing to M’sia their blood feud against Buddhists

Two headless torsos, four legs, two heads, two hands and an arm had been found in Penang among the recovered body parts of 52 murder victims last year. Among the dead, 18 were identified as Myanmar nationals.

Nine men – Bilal, Mohd Rafik, Habibullah, Mohd Rafi, Yassin, Hussain, Maung Maung, Ali and Hafiz – were charged in the Penang magistrate’s court with the killing their Buddhist countrymen.

Continue reading “Rohingya suspected of bringing to M’sia their blood feud against Buddhists”

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Will Hannah Yeoh give the Rohingya work as her children’s babysitter?

They are not refugees. Half of the 25,000 boat people are Bangladeshi economic emigrants.

A refugee is defined by the dictionary as “a person who has been forced to leave his country in order to escape war, persecution or natural disaster”.

There is no war, earthquake or tsunami in Bangladesh. Continue reading “Will Hannah Yeoh give the Rohingya work as her children’s babysitter?”