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M’sia staunchly defends Palestinians & Rohingya but quiet on Uighurs

Malaysia will continue to strongly advocate against human rights violations perpetrated on Palestinians and Rohingya, said our Foreign Minister on Friday (Oct 15).

Saifuddin Abdullah said in a statement: “Di persada antarabangsa, Malaysia akan terus membantah sekeras-kerasnya penindasan hak asasi manusia yang dilakukan, antaranya terhadap rakyat Palestin dan Rohingya di Myanmar.” Continue reading “M’sia staunchly defends Palestinians & Rohingya but quiet on Uighurs”

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Low Yat suspects called “thugs” five times by The J-Star in short 287-word article

For The J-Star, one side of the brawl at Low Yat Plaza were the “sales clerks” (Chinese) while the other side were the “thugs” (Malays).

The EvangeliSTAR story – see below – was filed for the MCA paper by Nicholas Cheng, the same Christian reporter who had previously covered the episode of the church cross removal, see ‘J-Star reporter @ Taman Medan: “Who gives you the right to claim this land as Muslim land?”Continue reading “Low Yat suspects called “thugs” five times by The J-Star in short 287-word article”

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Saifuddin says Umno moving further and further to the right

In his interview published yesterday in Malaysiakini, Saifuddin Abdullah cautioned that “Umno may veer further to the right if Islamist hardliners win in the PAS muktamar in June”.

Saifuddin, who is Global Movement of Moderates CEO, said Umno should live up to its of being a moderate party regardless the scepticism greeting its claim to such a credential.

Twitter hannahyeoh @hwabeng @chunwai09 TQ Dato Continue reading “Saifuddin says Umno moving further and further to the right”

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Ah Jib Gor is snapping Perkasa’s patience

The patron of Perkasa is Tun.

Perkasa is holding its fifth annual convention today at Pusat Islam. Wira Perkasa chief Irwan Fahmi Ideris yesterday fired an opening salvo – he called a trio of Najib’s liberal pets “bangsat”.

The Umno leaders earning the ire of Perkasa are Saifuddin Abdullah, Nur Jazlan Mohamed and Khairy Jamaluddin. Continue reading “Ah Jib Gor is snapping Perkasa’s patience”

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Najib’s think tank likely to send young voters to the opposition

The DAP evangelista MP “claps claps claps!”

And why not?

When you have such a useful ‘enemy’ like Najib Razak, you don’t even need allies.

Twitter - TeoNieChing- MP Pokok Sena (PAS) is defending

“Christian student made to wear headscarf” (?)

The headmaster of a primary school in Negeri Sembilan has denied the Malaysian Insider headline – see tweet below.

He clarified that his Christian pupil was not forced by her Muslim teachers but “wore the tudung willingly”.

Continue reading “Najib’s think tank likely to send young voters to the opposition”

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EvangeliSTAR campaigning in colleges and universities next

The EvangeliSTAR and their Voices are taking their ‘Moderation’ campaign into its next phase.

Moving into the colleges and universities, the evangelistas will no doubt be telling students that the ultra right-wingers are “hate-spewing, divisive, race-obsessed ignoramuses” who are “racist, extremist and bigots” devoid of any “rational and balanced views” – see Wong Chun Wai’s most recent column yesterday.

Does Najib Razak support the J-Star‘s agenda, considering that his NGO headed by Saifuddin Abdullah is working hand-in-glove with the EvangeliSTAR?

Continue reading “EvangeliSTAR campaigning in colleges and universities next”

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Violence, “Islamic militants”, peace-loving Christians and the NUCC hate crime bill

The J-Star headline crafted by the evangelista editors yesterday said, ‘Senseless jihad puts Malaysia as global violence hub, says Home Ministry officer’ (see below).

The Nest of Evangelistas seems quite gleeful to be able to report that “the international community sees Malaysia as a hub and exporter of Islamic militants”.

Continue reading “Violence, “Islamic militants”, peace-loving Christians and the NUCC hate crime bill”