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The AG’s role – views by four politicians

“Malaysian Attorneys-General assume a dual role: they are simultaneously the legal adviser to the Government and the Public Prosecutor.”

“As Public Prosecutor, the A-G is a public institution empowered by the Constitution with all the discretionary powers in the world to charge or not to charge anyone for any offence or crime.”

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The majority silent because they’re konpius

Basic journalism pivots on the 5W1H questions.

If one were to apply the ‘What, Who, When, Why, Where and How’ questions to the Red Shirts rally, the asker would definitely get himself lost and end up in Confusion Central, what with the thick haze shrouding the Klang Valley these few days. Continue reading “The majority silent because they’re konpius”

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Salleh Keruak and learning how to squash mosquitoes

The evangelistas in Bersih are too much.

Ayelet ShakedThey can, without batting an eyelid, outrageously accuse Deputy Home Minister Nur Jazlan Mohamed and Inspector-General of Police Khalid Abu Bakar of regarding “citizens as mosquitoes to be squashed”.

Worse still, these Bersih evangelista leaders are given multiple media platforms to spew their hyperbolic, hateful views.

Communications Minister Salleh Said Keruak is correct to want to try and rein in the dangerous online and social media. The formidable Ayelet Shaked (pix), who is Israel’s newly minted Justice Minister, shows how it can be done. Continue reading “Salleh Keruak and learning how to squash mosquitoes”

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Should Salleh Said Keruak have the PM’s ear, then he must …

… advise Najib Razak to disarm, in one bold stroke, those of his ministers concealing a poisoned dagger in their hand. Purge the disloyal elements in Cabinet – there’s no other option.

What doesn’t kill you will make you stronger. If Najib Razak survives the present bid to oust him, he will emerge stronger and be the war general that the BN needs to fight the next general election. Continue reading “Should Salleh Said Keruak have the PM’s ear, then he must …”