Do these people have any love at all for M’sia?

What else can you think when they’re telling the world that Malaysia is racist.

Malaysia has topped yet another global survey. In this one, Malaysians perceive our own country to be very strongly guilty of racial and religious discrimination.

Index Mundi created a set of world indices based on the results of their international surveys.

On the question of “How big of a problem is racial discrimination in the country where you live?“, Malaysia came in second – see table below – among 76 countries polled. Continue reading “Do these people have any love at all for M’sia?”

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Donald Trump’s pendatang pivot and its lesson for Najib on his Umno base

The odds-defying US presidential nomination race among Republican challengers offers an insight for the Umno politburo.

Writing in Salon (a political publication),

“As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump specializes in overturning conventional wisdom. Continue reading “Donald Trump’s pendatang pivot and its lesson for Najib on his Umno base”

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Actually it’s Tun who will not retreat nor surrender

The just concluded PAU is merely a temporary setback for Dr M. He will keep up the fight.

Projib should not rest on their laurels because Protun are not looking at a truce.

The following is an apt observation by blogger Eddy Daud. Pro-establishment Malays will have to pick their side in the Umno sectarian strife.

This tweet below by Eddy is LOL spot-on. Yup, the treacherous MCA are only reaping what they sowed. BN can’t afford backstabbers in time of war.

guns roses civil war

War on Terror

MCA’s minions (the EvangeliSTARs) have been aiding and abetting the Perception Cyber Terrorist.

I hope the Communication Minister, who has a seat in the proposed National Security Council, will take note of this clear and present danger. The Bintang Lima have been terrorizing the cyberside.


Ganyang MCA! Break the Gunting!

Btw, the picture of Nasrudin Hassan at-Tantawi’s Princess Leia styling below is authentic.

Princess Leia Real Twin


Photo source,

Other news outlets that carried similar shots of Ustaz Tantawi are The Malay Mail and TMI, among others.


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10 questions for Umno

Najib Razak, in his speech titled ‘Countering and preventing the spread of violent extremism’ at a UN leaders’ summit (prelude to the UN general assembly debate), spoke two days ago about Malaysia’s determination to counter Muslim terrorists on the international front.

I shall mirror the PM’s speech – full text reproduced at bottom of page – to ask whether Umno is committed to battling Christian militants on our domestic front. Continue reading “10 questions for Umno”