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The New Politics Manifesto

Dapster Sentral answers the RM6 million question, “What do you call people who keep on voting for the same government election after election?” MUST READ

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The Ant Daily praises Khairy ‘shadup, shadup’ Jamaluddin, disses Zul Noordin, Papagomo

In an editorial headlined ‘Zulkifli Noordin – the depth of political satanism‘, the Ant Daily team wrote:

“Zulkifli, you are a living testament of how detestable a supposedly religious person can be. You move around with your skull cap and all, but all you do is spew racially and religiously venomous statements.” […]

“”To Umno, it is high time for it to stop cavorting with bigots like Zulkifli.

“Thank God we still have sane and level-headed Umno politicians like Khairy who can draw the line between politics and humanity.”

Are these Ant Daily reporters Dapster buddies of Regina Lee by any chance? Continue reading “The Ant Daily praises Khairy ‘shadup, shadup’ Jamaluddin, disses Zul Noordin, Papagomo”