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How to effectively terminate TMI

The Malaysian Inciter must be COMPLETELY shut down by the government because it is a menace and real threat to national security.

In 1987, the government merely suspended The Star under its ISA swoop code-named Ops Lalang.

However, ‘Suara DAP’ soon made its return and The J-Star has since evolved into the Nest of Evangelistas. Continue reading “How to effectively terminate TMI”

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We’ve had enough of you people

“Don’t ask what the Red Rally achieved. It’s more about what the Red Rakyat won’t let Yellowbangs achieve.” – Azmi Arshad on Facebook (see below)

I’m not a mind reader but I reckon Azmi is saying that the Reds won’t allow the Yellows take over the country. Continue reading “We’ve had enough of you people”

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Doesn’t the name ‘New Hope’ (Harapan Baru) sound like a church to you?

The word “ultra kiasu” pops out to catch the eye among the headlines this morning in the Isma website. Filed under Berita Terkini, the Isma article is titled, ‘Kumpulan serpihan Pas terhegeh-hegeh minta simpati ultra kiasu‘.

If you guessed that Ridhuan Tee must be somewhere in the picture, you’d be right. Isma had referenced Ridhuan’s weekly newspaper column, quoting his most recent article on Gerakan Harapan Baru (GHB) which is the PAS breakaway party to be launched soon. Continue reading “Doesn’t the name ‘New Hope’ (Harapan Baru) sound like a church to you?”