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MCA must answer to Cabinet if The J-Star is inciting against the govt

Malaysiakini and The J-Star were raided by the police yesterday for the same story both had carried.

Commenting on the raids, MCA Religious Harmony Bureau chairman Ti Lian Ker (below) said “the authorities were doing the right thing if they were clamping down on wayward or irresponsible reporting that was damaging the country or national interests” Continue reading “MCA must answer to Cabinet if The J-Star is inciting against the govt”

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The issue is the brutality of it all

Disclaimer: No gory photos, I promise

I have a dog and a cat.

The dog is adopted from PAWS. The cat is picked up from the divider in the middle of a busy road.

Wrt the dog, it was a conscious decision I made to provide a home for a shelter animal rather than buy one from the pet shop or breeder.

BELOW: My dog Continue reading “The issue is the brutality of it all”

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Keep 1Malaysia and lose Putrajaya

To get its Selangor Menteri Besar post, the DAP will put the party’s Malay candidates in safe Chinese areas to contest GE14. It is guaranteed that the Chinese electorate will vote for these chosen DAP Malays so that they can vie for the MB crown.

BN will also be putting some MCA leaders in areas where the ruling party has traditionally contested. But this time the Malay voters, even those whose heart are still with Umno, will definitely reject the MCA Chinese candidates. Continue reading “Keep 1Malaysia and lose Putrajaya”

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Where in Constitution is Sekolah Cina guaranteed?

Updated (7 Oct 2014): MCA has made a police report against Umno PJ Utara deputy chairman Mohamad Azli – Sinar Harian.


Dong Zong states that 96 percent of Chinese parents send their children to Chinese vernacular schools.

This overwhelming choice of the Chinese community notwithstanding, there is nowhere in the Federal Constitution that says Sekolah Rendah Jenis Kebangsaan Cina SRJK(C) is an enshrined right ataupun satu “hak” masyarakat Cina di Malaysia. Continue reading “Where in Constitution is Sekolah Cina guaranteed?”


Munafik dan musang licik

Posting saya semalam menyoal apa prinsip perjuangan DAP memandangkan Umno, MCA dan MIC masing-masing ada ‘Malay’, ‘Chinese’ dan ‘Indian’ dalam nama organisasi sementara PAS ada ‘Islam’.

Jawapan telah diberikan saya oleh seorang pembaca menggunakan nama samaran ‘Melon Ang’ (sebenarnya gelaran ‘melon’ itu bermaksud untuk mengumpat dan dialih bahasa daripada loghat Cina tetapi tak apalah, kita sudahpun masak dengan kerenah puak DAP ini).

‘Melon Ang’ (lihat screenshot bawah) menyatakan bahawa DAP mendokong ideologi politik yang tidak mengenal bangsa biarpun agama. Continue reading “Munafik dan musang licik”