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Why I feel MCA should stand by Umno’s side

In a post yesterday, I blogged that in this critical time when MCA is at the crossroads, the party should heed the five percent Chinese voters who supported BN.

I shall explain here why I’m urging MCA to show solidarity with Umno rather than cleaving to Bersatu. Continue reading “Why I feel MCA should stand by Umno’s side”

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Mat Hasan spells out Umno’s future without beating around the bush

Umno deputy president Mohamad Hasan is one cool dude, for a politician. Kudos for being plainspoken and straightforward about his party’s intent. (What a refreshing change from Mahathir’s style!)

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If this was Semenanjung Tanah Cina, how do you think the Chinese will treat immigrants?

There’s this controversial book called The Chinese Dilemma by Ye Lin-Sheng published in 2003.

The Yahudi Yeohs have most predictably spewed their characteristic venom at the author – such as that he is an abject apologist lah, a race traitor lah and what not (I’m only mentioning here the printable labels; even nastier – unprintable – descriptions abound).

If you’re curious as to what he wrote that caused the YYs to throw a hissy fit, please do read on. Continue reading “If this was Semenanjung Tanah Cina, how do you think the Chinese will treat immigrants?”

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Ah Jib Gor and the Chinese happy spirits

Dark spirits are whiskey, brandy, scotch and bourbon. Clear spirits are vodka, gin, rum and tequila.

Happy spirits refer to the drinks selection available at stores selling liquor and in watering holes such as pubs, clubs and bars.

Holey spirit refers to DAP evangelistas whose stories are so full of holes that you must be real drunk on J-Juice to believe them. Continue reading “Ah Jib Gor and the Chinese happy spirits”

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Future of our country: Isma will take over from Umno

Some months back, I wrote that Isma is smarter and savvier than Umno. Today I will amend my statement – I now say that Isma is MUCH smarter and MUCH savvier than Umno.

I had also written that Isma is more efficient and effective. Umno does not have half of Isma’s initiative or even a quarter of Isma’s commitment and dedication to the cause.

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Najib is causing Umno to lose the Malay votes

“No, I am not asking him to resign. I just do not agree with his policies,” the Tun told reporters at PWTC on Monday night with regard to pulling his support from Najib.

The self-evident ace in the pack, flashed by the PMO boys, is that whatever we may say about the PM, there is still no one else in the current Umno hierarchy who is at par or able to replace him (except for maybe KuLi).

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Dapsters dangerously dicing with ‘Allah’

The photo below is Kuil Sri Maha Karu Mariamman in Persiaran Bangi, Kajang. It is located on land belonging to the temple whose committee obtained the land title in 2010.

Devotees of Hindu goddess Mother Mari plan to upgrade their place of worship and the foundation works is scheduled to start next week. See, ‘Proposal to relocate temple‘ (The J-Star, 24 June 2014). Continue reading “Dapsters dangerously dicing with ‘Allah’”

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W. Khairy mahu PMO serang balik blogger pro-Umno-“Nazi” (dan Utusan juga?)

Saranan supaya Pejabat Perdana Menteri (PMO) menyerang blogger-blogger pro-Umno telah disiarkan di laman dan kemudiannya diulangsiar oleh The Malaysian Insider, sebuah portal yang sering dikaitrapatkan dengan Khairy Jamaluddin.

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Star columnist misleads readers on Umno GE13 performance

Zainah Anwar yesterday penned in her Star column a piece titled ‘Don’t chase after pyrrhic victories‘ (The Star, 24 June 2013)

Conceding that Malaysia is an “ethnically divided country”, Zainah holds the view that “no party could survive without inter-ethnic accommodation”.

I beg to differ.

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Whose Islam? Umno: Muslim Malay; PAS: Malay Muslim (1)

“What were the Malays of the 1950s and 60s like?”

By Conrad

Original comment @ 2013/02/26 at 7:12 am

Probably the kind of post-colonial Malays that Mahathir hated but the only kind that could produce the Malay Dilemma. I suppose it is the old story of class conflict but conveniently misdiagnosed as race tensions.

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RCI, referendum and kerakyatan 1 juta orang Cina

Berikut ialah satu perenggan yang dipetik daripada kisah hidup Presiden Obama. Dalam  autobiografinya The Audacity of Hope, di bawah bab bertajuk ‘Bangsa’, dia telah menulis:

“None of us — black, white, Latino, or Asian — is immune to the stereotypes that our culture continues to feed us, especially stereotypes Continue reading “RCI, referendum and kerakyatan 1 juta orang Cina”

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Pasca PRU13: 1Parti pemerintah, 1Parti pembangkang

Malaysia mempunyai sebanyak 32 buah parti politik yang berdaftar dengan Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya.

Parti-parti yang tidak tergolong dalam BN adalah seperti berikut:

DAP, PAS, PKR, PRM, PSM, PCM, SNAP, SAPP, STAR, KITA, Berjasa, Malaysian Workers’ Party (MWP), Sarawak Worker’s Party (SWP), Malaysia United People’s Party (MUPP), Parti Kongres Indian Muslim Malaysia (Kimma), Parti Makkal Sakti, Parti Barisan India Se-Malaysia (AMIPF), Parti Punjabi Malaysia (PPM) dan Parti Kongres Ceylonese Malaysia (MCC)

Jelas parti pembangkang utama adalah DAP yang pada masa ini menduduki 29 kerusi Parlimen.

PKR tinggal 23 kerusi Parlimen selepas beberapa orang wakilnya keluar parti manakala PAS mempunyai 22 kerusi.

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Amending Constitution to put a seal on Islamic state

Some Malays see the recent brouhaha over the secular state issue as both MCA and DAP getting too big for their boots.

What with the DAPsters lording it everywhere, evangelista aggression (whose prestige is burnished by the MCA media machinery) as well as the increasingly in-your-face behaviour, don’t be surprised if the ‘Something’s-Gotta-Give’ eventually does.

If the Chinese consolidate into one voting bloc as seems almost inevitable, why shouldn’t Malays do the same?

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Andaikata PAS berbaik-baik dengan Umno

Lim Kit Siang dalam kenyataan akhbarnya berkata terdapat 35 orang Ahli Parlimen yang beragama Kristian.

Dewan Rakyat kita mempunyai 222 buah kerusi. Kalau 35 orang, maka ini bermakna 15.8 peratus daripada MP kita adalah Kristian walhal jumlah penduduk negara yang beragama Kristian “hanya 9 peratus”.

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Hudud: Papa must smack Guan Eng on his long, long nose

Umno extremist in wanting hudud for all, says DAP‘ — article in The Malaysian Insider today.

TMI reported:

“Umno is promoting religious extremism by pushing for the enforcement of hudud or the Islamic criminal code for all citizens instead of just Muslims, the DAP’s Lim Guan Eng said today.”


Did the Umno president ever say his party wanted to implement hudud? Continue reading “Hudud: Papa must smack Guan Eng on his long, long nose”

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Jangan biar Umno sampai jadi macam DAP

Kemaskini: Douglas Tan telah membalas posting ini di Malaysiakini dan di blognya sendiri. Jawapan saya pula di ‘Daphne Iking to Douglas six degrees of separation (23 Feb 2012). 


Dr Mahathir Mohamad dan kelompok Dilema Melayu asyik merintih yang kaum Melayu kononnya “tidak bersatu”.

Namun lihat dahulu pada kesan perpaduan kaum Cina sebelum Melayu mahu mengejar cita-cita menyatukan bangsa.

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