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Buku bertemu ruas: Why Dapster lies will be met with Malay fist

When the Chinese are willing to out and out support a slippery eel, then the national problem runs very deep. It goes beyond simply the shady character of the DAP Teluk Intan candidate.

The DAP touted Dyana as a “lawyer”. After checks reveal that she is not registered with the Bar, the DAP had to backpedal and concede that she is a “non-practicing lawyer”.

See, ‘Can gomen take action against Dyana for pretending to be qualified?(updated)

To recap, Dyana Sofya said her mother left Perkasa because Yammy

(a) “could not commit to the organisation after moving away from Perak” (first excuse given)

(b) “no longer believed in Perkasa” (excuse changed a few days later)

(c) However the mother announced yesterday in a press conference, seated beside Kit Siang, that she WILL leave Perkasa, meaning she had not yet left the movement but was planning to do so only now

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The kind of Malays who join DAP

Syerleena Abdul Rashid is the political education director of the Bukit Bendera DAP women’s wing.

Her writings appear very, very often in the newsletter of the NGO, Aliran.

I hope Aliran doesn’t try anymore to pretend that it is “non partisan”. Such a claim would be about as believable as Dyana Sesumpah pretending her mother Yammy was never associated with Perkasa. Continue reading “The kind of Malays who join DAP”