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Dapsters pitchfork Zaid Ibrahim, genuflect to Syed Saddiq

Discerning Malays dislike Syed Saddiq but Cina DAP love him.

Tengku Mahkota Johor’s “drama queen” snark at Saddiq this morning has gotten 38,000 ‘likes’ so far in the Instagram of Malay-language mStar — see below. Continue reading “Dapsters pitchfork Zaid Ibrahim, genuflect to Syed Saddiq”

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The AG’s role – views by four politicians

“Malaysian Attorneys-General assume a dual role: they are simultaneously the legal adviser to the Government and the Public Prosecutor.”

“As Public Prosecutor, the A-G is a public institution empowered by the Constitution with all the discretionary powers in the world to charge or not to charge anyone for any offence or crime.”

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Zaid takes a poke at Zahid

Zahid Hamidi has a reputation for being a Malay hardliner.

Zahid is also among the rare Umno leaders to wear jubah on occasion and with the ability to lead congregational prayers (pix below).

He demonstrated his ease with Islamic parlance when Continue reading “Zaid takes a poke at Zahid”


Cina cari nahas … dah lah bodoh sombong lagi

DAP darlings – the New Hope people – plan to take over existing party Kita, the Kesejahteraan Insan Tanah Air mosquito party that Zaid Ibrahim bought.

Prior to Zaid’s buyout, Kita was known as Angkatan Keadilan Insan Malaysia (Akim).

Akim→Kita→New Hope is a political vehicle that’s akin to a none too spiffy used car. It changes hands when expedient and gets itself registered under new owners. Continue reading “Cina cari nahas … dah lah bodoh sombong lagi”

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Zaid Ibrahim: “This Govt … espouses RACIAL HATRED as part of its philosophy”

Zaid Ibrahim has made two serious charges against the government. Writing in his website Zaidgeist, the former de facto Law Minister said, “This Government is not only corrupt but espouses racial hatred as part of its philosophy”.

He also expressed his concern that the Chinese community is increasingly becoming the target of racism.

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Dato Onn’s heroic ride on his basikal buruk in Batu Pahat

Kalau sesat, pulang ke pangkal jalan

Trivia: Umno founder Dato’ Onn Jaafar was a journalist, you know, in the early part of his career. Among other publications, he wrote in Lembaga, Lembaga Malaya and Warta Malaya.

He was appointed District Officer of Batu Pahat at a time when Sino-Malay race relations was at one of its worst.

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The revolution that devoured itself

“A couple of days ago, I’d asked what is Raja Petra’s game plan?

I asked because I anticipated that Christian Talibans would react to Raja Petra’s Rosmah-Chong Wei article the way he fully (three-quarters? half?) expected them to. And we were both not ‘disappointed’ by the wholly predictable Malaysia Today reader comments, so to speak. Continue reading “The revolution that devoured itself”

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They’ve put Tunku Aziz in rubbish dump with Hee Yit Foong et al

Below are screenshots of the Malaysia Chronicle front page today as well as the news portal’s article on Tunku Aziz.

Malaysia Chronicle featured the Tunku Aziz game changer as its top story, illustrating it with photos of other politicians whom the opposition label as ‘frogs’ — Hee Yit Foong, Hasan Ali, Ibrahim Ali, Perak Adun Keshvinder Singh (nicknamed ‘Ca$hvinder’ by the oppositionists), Zulkifli Nordin and Member of Parliament N. Gobalakrishnan.

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