UPDATE (13 Oct 2019): Anil Netto commented that the biggest Budget 2020 news to him was Finance Minister Guan Eng’s announcement that the government would be allowing foreigners to buy condos priced at RM600k.

Previously non Malaysians could only buy condos worth above one million, Anil wrote in his blog post titled ‘A Budget to delight developers’.

The Penang-based freelance reporter likened this Harapan government intervention to the joy of Christmas coming early for Penang property developers.

According to Anil, there is excessive land reclamation all over the place, both current and in the pipeline, going on endlessly in his home state.

Penang’s latest “playgrounds for the wealthy”, i.e. a proposed plan to build three artificial islands, will be able to accommodate 446,000 new residents in future.

Helen’s note: The violent Hongkong rioters unhappy with Beijing rule might well flee to Penang’s Dapster spiritual haven now that Guan Eng has lowered the threshold and easing property purchase by [Chinese] outsiders.

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Helen Ang

Yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the founding of modern China as a communist republic.

Hong Kong protesters – who had been terrorizing the island’s streets for months singing ‘Hallelujah’ to the Lord – also stepped up their thuggery yesterday, metaphorically, to stick up their middle finger to China’s National Day.

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Post-Budget 2020: Hongkongers can come and buy Penang luxury condos