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The Chinese taking the centrestage

The MPs on the front page of The Star (7 July 2013)

From left: Abdul Manan Ismail, Tony Pua, Khalid Samad, Ewok Ebin, Nurul Izzzah Anwar, Ahmad Fauzi Zahari, Sivarasa Rasiah, Nancy Shukri, Joseph Kurup.


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Calvin Sankaran: “I would compare The Star with a girl who is high maintenance who spends her rich boyfriend’s money freely and having a good time doing it while at the same time sleeping with her BF’s sworn enemy and making jokes about her BF.”

The stories that The Star has not followed up:

A report was made to the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission by Parti Cinta Malaysia on the alleged bribe by Penang Institute – a ‘think-tank’ chaired by Lim Guan Eng (CEO: Zairil Khir Johari) offered to Tunku Aziz Ibrahim to induce his silence upon quitting DAP.

DAP apparatchiks have freely accused Tunku Aziz as having been bought over by Umno. This smear campaign dirty tactic takes the cue from Guan Eng himself.

Guan Eng Why is Nasha acting like an Umno agent

Melonhead: “Diaorang ni tak takut Tuhan ke? Senang sahaja memfitnah dan mengutuk orang. Bukti pun tak tunjuk. As far as i know, the one that offered Tunku Aziz ‘incentive’ in the form of RM 50,000 was none other than geng diaorang jugak …”

Melonhead is correct. Diorang tu memang tak takut Tuhan. Malah orang Cina kata jenis dema tu tak takut pada manusia mahupun hantu. And correct that they “senang sahaja memfitnah” di merata-rata tempat tanpa menunjukkan seurat bukti.

It is ironic that while the Dapsters have gone to town with their unsubstantiated allegation that Umno paid off Tunku Aziz to become the party’s “mouthpiece” and its “running dog”, it is actually a DAP-linked ‘NGO’ that has been reported to the MACC as attempting to bribe Tunku Aziz.

This is one of the several stories casting a poor light upon the DAP 2.0 evangelistas that the purportedly MCA-owned mainstream media has shown no interest in pursuing. It begs the question of what is The Star’s hidden agenda when the paper could devote so much editorial space and manpower to a smudge on a Subang Jaya hospital window as newsworthy.

This page is open and will be updated. Readers are welcome to contribute their complaints.


Pakatan leaders mixed on single-party Barisan


The Scissorati

reginalah Not quite getting the HM

6 thoughts on “jstar

  1. LGE could become the 1st polie in the history of modern democracy – outside the Middle East of course – literally to inherit political and divinity power from the biological father. He should be thankful to the Star for continuously and persistently providing him with a plenty of free space to promote political nepotism and cultist personality.


  3. Since i got nothing to do …do read on.


    Eversince i was in secondary school 74-78, I was a big fan of STAR newspaper. It was Northen Newspaper which I read diligently to improve my english, follow Mr Spiderman and Mr Hagar adventures and of course premier league dramas.

    It went on throughout my college days, working life in the goverment and later on in private practice. All in all almost 40 years of my life reading The Star, absorbing news, opinion and editorials.

    My day was never complete if I dont read The Star.

    Now The Star is a behemoth of a publishing house, garnering millions per day on sales and quoted in many other newslines many too often as if nothing but the truth (as I percieved it to be) comes out from emphathetic Star news reporters..

    I never realise that something that I consume on daily basis as staple diet can be so discreetly colored and skewed towards an ideology until I had my aha moments, which made me do cold turkey withdrawals of from this daily news opiate of mine.

    I am glad that i did so.

    There are many pertinent shifts that made STAR becoming more ethnocentric and Christian Evangalistic in their reporting making their readers blinded to poverty of other races.

    Star always potraying Chinese as victim of cruel governing which in turn making civil servants as the perpetrator of cruel Malay dominated goverment towards chinese people.

    Star potrayed chinese being bullied from cradle to the grave by Chinese hating BN govetment.

    National news reporting does not cover the incompetence beurocrats dished out to the rural masses, never detailed their gut wrenching labour other than poetic arty articles. I believe the Star readers prefer to view east coast poors as part of rustic beauty which must be preserved in their state of depravity at all cost.

    Star recommended east coast as a place of photogenic arresting beauty that poor people is just part of the whole beautiful picture as if there is nothing wrong is being poor if you see picture of east coast and east Malaysia.

    The poor malay in the rural areas are mostly pictured as forever on the receiving end of grants, subsidies, developments dished out by wicked Malay dominated goverments. The Star potrayed rural malays as well taken care of by the Malay dominated goverment …always.

    The vigour of Star reporting on Chinese issues equate to other vernacular chinese newspapers is understandable in their quest for readership amongst chinese and be their mouthpiece.
    In that pursuit STAR has forgotten that other races are their readers too.

    Star highlighted chinese community hardship and struggle with crimes as if all these heaps upon the shoulders of already hardworking chinese while other communities esp malay, just a gigly bystanders.

    There are two groups of Malaysian surprised by this statement
    “Apalagi Cina mau?”

    First Gp.. The rest of Malaysian.

    They were wondering whats wrong with these chinese… Havent they got the wealth, the economy under their thumb?

    Havent they got the wealth to offer corrupt politician and royalties to curry their favours?

    Havent they got the liberty of studying in their own vernicular school, chinese university and absorbed into their economic behemoth and pushing other community aside?

    Havent they got all the town dominated by chinese businesses that made the Chinatown name in Malaysia redundant?

    Havent they got the freedom and exclusivity to conduct the business of all forms of gambling, rumah urut, alcohol and nightfly businesses?

    The second group that were very surprised by the audacity of Utasan Malaysia to ask the question is The Chinese themselves …

    The reason being the chinese were blinded by Star and other vernacular chinese newspapers who has drummed hook line and sinker into chinese mind that nothing but misery, the only thing offered to the chinese community.

    Thats why some chinese find it too heavy to lift their bum for NEGARAKU.

    next… Evangalista Bintang 5 in Star

    1. re: “All in all almost 40 years of my life reading The Star, absorbing news, opinion and editorials. My day was never complete if I don’t read The Star.”

      40 years ago, the paper was not a Nest of Evangelistas. The evangelization of the EvangeliSTAR started with Wong Chun Wai.

      re: “Christian Evangalistic in their reporting making their readers blinded to poverty of other races”

      I agree with your description.

      Hindraf, which represents the poor Hindu Indians, are invisible in the J-Star, which tweeted the appointment of Hannah Yeoh as Speaker a total of 10 times in their Star Online timeline, all within a span of 24 hours.

      In comparison, when Waythamoorthy was fasting to death to highlight his cause, not a single mention of what he was doing until the news of Najib agreeing to meet with the Hindraf leaders.

      The Sneaky J-Star‘s news slant is Jerusubang, pure and simple.

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