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Implikasi Dong Jiao Zong duduk semeja dengan DAP

Bersambung dari posting semalam, ‘Lepas Lynas, DAP kini akan menyertai demo Dong Jiao Zong‘ berkaitan isu penolakan sebilangan guru-guru “tidak mempunyai kelayakan bahasa Cina” ditempatkan di SRJK (C) [disusuli ‘Guan Eng as Dong Jiao Zong’s linguistic role model’ dan ‘Perhimpunan Dong Jiao Zong: Perkembangan terkini’].

MUTAKHIR: Eh, Guan Eng belum ajar Dong Jiao Zong lagi ke?

DJZ mahukan Kementerian Pelajaran melatih lebih ramai tenaga pengajar Cina dan supaya seseorang calon yang memohon untuk mengikuti kursus latihan perguruan itu harus memiliki keputusan (gred) cemerlang dalam bahasa Cina di peringkat SPM.  

DJZ dengan DAP dan Lim Guan Eng

Di antara kelompok pemimpin DJZ yang masuk politik ialah Dr Koh Tsu Koon, Kerk Choo Ting, Ong Tin Kim dan Dr Kang Chin Seng. Pembabitan politikus yang berlatarbelakangkan gerakan tersebut bermakna permintaan-permintaan para pendidik Cina (golongan Chinese educationists) berjaya sedikit sebanyak disalurkan kepada penggubal dasar negara.

Seorang veteran Gerakan Dr Toh Kin Woon – kini sudah keluar parti – ialah presiden yayasan Pusat Pembangunan Kebudayaan LLG.

[LLG merujuk kepada mendiang Lim Lean Geok, seorang bekas presiden Jiao Zong – gabungan persatuan guru-guru sekolah Cina yang ditubuhkan pada 1951 – yang disanjung tinggi masyarakat Tionghua sebagai pejuang hanyu serta pelopor pendidikan aliran bahasa ibunda.]

Dalam sejarah awalnya, MCA ada pernah cuba memainkan peranan orang tengah (middleman) di antara DJZ dengan parti pemerintah (baca: Umno) dalam kerangka ‘kerjasama’ ataupun lebih tepat disebut proses tawar-menawar yang menjadi rumusan perkauman kerajaan BN.

MCA memang kelihatan prihatin dengan isu pendidikan Cina. Di bawah kepimpinan presidennya Ling Liong Sik dulu, rangkaian Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman telah diperkembangkan; kTAR telah membolehkan lulusan sekolah Cina menyambung pelajaran mereka ke tahap diploma.

Perkembangan terbaru DJZ beralih kepada DAP untuk mendapat sokongan bagi tunjuk perasaan Mac 25 seolah-olah satu tamparan terhadap pendekatan kaedah halus untuk menyelesaikan masalah-masalah bersangkut pendidikan Cina. Ia juga menandakan DJZ nyata tidak lagi meyakini keberkesanan siri rundingan dengan pihak berkuasa — usaha yang tidak ke mana.

Namun cara DAP ialah menyerang lawan, dan bukannya bertolak ansur.

Gambar ini (bawah) yang ditangkap semasa protes anti-Lynas di Pulau Pinang beberapa minggu lepas merupakan satu alamat kepada pola perkembangan masa depan.

Tindakan DJZ meminta, ataupun ditawarkan, sokongan DAP mungkin akan membawa kepada konfrontasi – iaitu trademark DAP – yang bukan hanya setakat dengan pendemo. Ini kerana penglibatan DAP pasti memberi kesan hebat mempolitikkan isu.

Pemuda Cina membentuk 'rantai manusia' untuk melindungi Lim Guan Eng daripada diganggu pendemo Melayu


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30 thoughts on “Implikasi Dong Jiao Zong duduk semeja dengan DAP

  1. Hai Helen,

    DJZ is a very influential force in Chinese politics. Perhaps they don’t know, but I believe otherwise, that Malays see Dap as extremists. As for me, not only do I believe, but I also preach it to the point of exaggeration, so much that I hate them, I will name them anything. And I found that Malay Pakatan supporters are not so quick to defend when I poke at Dap, as compared to when I did so to Pas and Pkr. What to infer from that is not for me to elaborate.

    If DJZ chooses to throw their lot with those that Umno supporters hate, nobody is forcing them to do so. But they must know what they are doing when they squarely stand on the other side of the line. Should Bn win the election, then what? Do you think that Umno will readily forgive?

    Ya Allah peliharalah keharmonian kaum di negara kami Malaysia.

    1. That’s more or less my reading of the situation too, i.e. DJZ throwing its lot with DAP & of course, DAP gaining electorally from DJZ’s backing.

      Agree with you that blood (Malay race & religion) is thicker than water (the Pakatan makeshift alliance). Hence the lupa daratan behaviour of DAPper Chinese today in confidently thinking that they’ve got Malay opposition supporters standing solidly behind them.

      “also preach it to the point of exaggeration” … cute. Self-awareness is good. I’m afraid some people (you know which group I’m alluding to) are lacking it, so much so that dema sudah tak berpijak di bumi nyata.

      The outcome after GE13 is that vernacular schools (which the Chinese educationists have struggled so long & so hard to preserve) will become the logical target for suppression/Malay backlash.

      This Chinese (& now DJZ) crossover is cutting off the nose to spite the face. It might also be an act of harakiri for the continued existence of Chinese schools. If this happens, I will put a large portion of the blame on DAP’s suicidal political strategy carried out only for the party’s convenience.

      1. I’m not sure if it’s “DJZ throwing its lot with DAP” and not the other way round. Considering the fact that Jiao Zong was set up 1951, It looks like DAP, which was formed only in 1966, who came to DJZ offering to champion their cause. The communists and subversives of yesteryears (and DAP membership was not without them cloaked in one clothing or another) would have been looking for issues of those identified as “the down-trodden” and tried to champion them. Economic issues were the general ones. Schools was another.

        Promoters of Chinese schools would have seen the threat to their existence since the time of the nation-wide Bahasa Kebangsaan and Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa campaigns of the 1960s. DAP came in to offer salvation to them, though not much came except the frequent DAP rhetorics.

        On the premise that Mandarin can be studied as an elective subject in schools with BM as the medium of instruction, and extra classes could be arranged as and when necessary, Chinese schools are simply not consistent with the unity needs of the country. They are not compatible with the Constitution and should be absorbed into the National Schools system. Chinese schools need not be physically changed – only the medium of instruction be changed and the curriculum to include Mandarin as an elective subject. The teachers and support staff can be retained, re-trained and allowed to continue to teach in what would become a one-system schools.

        I hope MCA will not be competing with DAP in the championing of the DJZ. Mandarin can be studied in BM-medium-of-instruction schools and Chinese culture will not be affected by having all schools adopt BM as the medium of instruction.

        1. On their agreed co-operation for the coming March 25 rally where DAP has promised to provide the muscle (head count), I wrote in my posting that “either DJZ asked or DAP offered” … am not privy to insider info, so not sure who made the first move. But it was top-level horse-trading as LGE & YST were personally involved.

          And the result is that DAP has now taken over MCA’s traditional turf (and last bastion bar Michael Chong’s ubiquitous Help bureau)!

          I concurred with Penyokong Ketuanan on the phrasing “DJZ throwing its lot with DAP” rather than the other way around b’cos of my experience at the anti-PPSMI rally where I saw that the bulk of the participants were Malay.

          DJZ is against PPSMI & has from the very beginning held that Math & Sc should be taught in Chinese.

          Yet on the day of the protest, only a small handful of Chinese joined the street march. Which inclines me to think that under present circumstances, DJZ will not be able to muster the numbers whereas DAP can.

          [Analogy: Bersih in the form of Ambiga & her feminist/NGO friends would not have succeeded in providing the water cannon fodder. That was PAS & to a lesser extent, DAP’s brief.]

  2. it too much …….*** (edited)

    For the sake of keeping peace, shhhh … — Helen

  3. DJZ in marriage with DAP is a wrong strategy by any means and a very risky move in the long run… MCA traditional approach would more be successful than DAP’s brash handling of issues… DAP provocative and egotistical ways will tear away the social fabric of this peaceful country…

  4. sorry to say this helen, your grasp of djz struggle (not limited to the current horde of retard) and chinese sentiment is pretty shallow in the case of chinese education, but that is fine since your target readers is hmmm……but surprisingly the anon fella seem to read the situation better.

    djz is now under a bunch of idiot, the protest is a sign that this idiot are now trying to do the right thing and not continue to act like idiot. who care if umno win or lose, u think the last 54 years we are not under umno? what dap contribution to chinese education I really dun know, at least this round they are doing the right thing. as for mca and gerakan, they should have packed long time ago.

    i dun disagree with anon stance and he have a valid point from his perspective, however by looking at the current education system, I would vehemently oppose to one school proposal, without expanding into a wider spectrum but by just taking the teaching of mandarin as case in point, I went through this albeit in secondary level and I dare said the approach is shit, my chinese is anytime better than the teacher who try to teach me what…mandarin?

    Ops Lalang took place under the same cloud (or expedient trigger) of Chinese education controversy, remember? — Helen

  5. Salam semua, DJZ muncul lagi, setelah kemunculannya dengan tuntutan beberapa perkara dulu dan sekarang nak mengadakan tunjuk perasaan pula, kedua-duanya sewaktu pilihanraya kian hampir.
    Pak Ard melihat DJZ bukanlah yang boleh dibuat kawan untuk bersama waktu susah dan senang…waktu senang akan sentiasa hendakkan lebih, waktu susah akan menekan asalkan kepentingan sendiri tercapai,..andainya tiba waktu getir bolehkah diharap berjuang menentang musuh di depan tanpa khuatir menikam dari belakang?
    Di kampong Pak Ard ada dua sekolah Cina, satu di pekan Batu Kurau dan satu lagi di Jelai. Dikhabarkan mak bapak bukan Cina(selalu sebut “bukan Melayu” bila sebut “bukan Cina” rasa menarik juga) yang hantar anak ke sekolah Cina dihadiahkan pakaian sekolah, yuran dan sebagainya oleh beberapa orang dermawan. Bilangan pelajar bukan Cina di sekolah itu lebih ramai berkali-kali ganda berbanding pelajar Cina. Tauke-tauke di sini hantar anak mereka ke sekolah yang lebih baik di bandar Taiping.
    Anak-anak bukan Cina ini pula akan mula mencari sekolah kebangsaan bila masuk tahap dua, iaitu tahun 4,5,6 sebab tak boleh ikuti pelajaran dalam bahasa Cina. Guru-guru yang mahir bahasa Cina tak berapa mahir subjek yang diajar seperti matematik dan sains manakala guru yang mahir subjek-subjek ini tidak pula mahir bahasa Cina. Pada mak bapak yang berusaha, dapatlah anak dipindahkan tetapi ramai yang tidak endahkan.
    Oleh itu Pak Ard sokong penuh tuntutan DJZ supaya guru-guru sekolah Cina mahir berbahasa Cina. Lebih baik lagi jika guru-guru ini adalah dari bukan Cina. Ini akan lebih menjamin agar anak-anak bukan Cina tidak tercicir di sekolah Cina. DJZ juga perlu tuntut kerajaan paksa murid-murid cemerlang dari sekolah Cina untuk mejadi guru di sekolah Cina dengan gaji sama seperti guru-guru lain sekarang.
    Pak Ard rasa mak bapak bukan Cina di kampong yang hantar anak ke sekolah Cina bukan sebab imbuhan dan hadiah dari dermawan tetapi kerana sekolah Cina lebih baik dari sekolah kebangsaan untuk mengasah kepintaran anak-anak mereka yang sebenarnya cerdik hasil dari didikan mereka di rumah. Jika mereka tidak hantar anak-anak mereka ke sekolah Cina yang padang bola nak buat sukan tahunan pun tak ada, sudah tentu sekolah itu lebih ramai guru dari murid…
    Namun sekolah Cina perlu dipertahankan dalam apa juga keadaan kerana termaktub dalam perlembagaan, walaupun tidak kos efektif dalam perbelanjaan mengurus tadbir dan kemahiran guru yang boleh dipersoal. Perkara lain yang termaktub dalam perlembagaan pula dituntut agar dihapuskan demi perpaduan, hak asasi, dan 1Malaysia,…dan akhirnya orang bukan Cina diminta bertolak ansur,…sekian buat kali ini.

    1. pak, tulisan ko ni kelakar, seronok dibaca tetapi nyata tidak betul, bukti empirikal sudah memaklumkan kepada ko bahawa sekolal cina tanpa padang bola adalah fakta, kerusi pula gigit punggung, manakala retorik terhadap bukan cina hanya kekal sebagai retorik, perubahan tak nampak pun, bukan ka gitu?

  6. Helen,

    Majoriti rakyat Malaysia keturunan Cina sering diberitahu (oleh DAP) bahawa UMNO itu perkauman dan sering takutkan Melayu untuk menyokongnya. Namun beberapa rakan saya keturunan Cina agak terperanjat apabila saya beritahu mereka bahawa hampir semua orang melayu beranggapan DAP itu parti paling rasis di Malaysia.

    Adalah salah untuk nyatakan Sekolah Cina dan Tamil dijamin dalam perlembagaan. Yang dijamin adalah hak untuk belajar, bertutur dan gunakan Bahasa ibunda. Perlembagaan dirangka ketika Tanah Melayu di ambang kemerdekaan. Tidak semua perkara dapat dijelaskan melalui Perlembagaan ketika merdeka. Yang dimaksudkan ialah perubahan yang nyata kerana kemerdekaan akan mengambil masa dan bukan secara paksa. Oleh itu Bahasa inggeris kekal sebagai medium untuk beberapa tahun. Begitu juga kedudukan pegawai senior kerajaan. Ramai yang berbangsa Inggeris selepas merdeka. Perubahan berlaku perlahan-lahan.

    Masalah timbul bila kaum berbeza belajar di tempat berbeza. Mereka jadi kekok bila bersama walaupun masih boleh bertegur sapa.

    Adalah ironi parti yang sering dakwa diri mereka berbilang bangsa seperti DAP lah yang paling perkauman. Tanggapan Melayu bahawa DAP berjuang hanya untuk Cina (dan terutamanya Dinasti Lim) terbukti bila debat diadakan dalam Mandarin. Dan bila DAP mahu sertai demo akan datang, segala kebimbangan Melayu bertambah.

    Bila ahli Parlimen DAP menghina Dr Zambri (MB perak) kerana beliau hitam dan DAP enggan ambil tindakan, orang Melayu semakin menyedari apa itu DAP.

    Seperti mana orang Cina berubah, begitu juga orang melayu. Menyedari hakikat itu, BN akan tewas jika letakkan calon MIC di pasir panjang, Perak. Sebab itulah Dr Zambri mahukan calon dari UMNO kerana orang melayu sendiri sudah bosan memilih calon bukan Melayu di kawasan majoriti Melayu. Ini yang terjadi di Kuantan, Bandar tun Razak, teluk kemang, Lunas. Buat apa memilih calon bukan Melayu (walaupun dari BN) jika kita Melayu sentiasa difitnah oleh DAP.

    Berkenaan status SRJK, saya & Anon telah membincangkan peruntukan Akta Pendidikan 1996 dalam posting sebelum ini. — Helen

  7. Salam buat HuaYong, …tentu ada yang tak betul dalam tulisan saya sebelum ini, saya orang kampong, tapi dimana yang tak betul? saya ingin belajar….
    Ya, sekolah Cina tanpa padang bola adalah fakta, jika dirujuk kepada dua buah sekolah di kampong saya sebagai subjek pemerhatian. Ingin diberitahu bahawa kedua-dua sekolah itu mempunyai murid kurang dari 60 orang. Saya tak pernah duduk dikerusi sekolah tersebut, jadi saya tak mahu tersalah fakta samada ia akan menggigit punggung saya atau tidak.
    Sekolah kebangsaan di Pekan Batu Kurau mempunyai murid lebih dari 500 orang, kawasan lapang untuk bersukan cuma separuh padang bola. Jika sekolah Cina itu hendak diberi sebuah padang bola, sekolah kebangsaan itu pula patut dapat 8 biji padang bola…jika bilangan pelajar menjadi ukuran..fakta atau retorik…
    60 orang murid, lelaki dan perempuan, dengan tebaran umur dari 7 hingga 12 tahun, rasanya guru dan pak guard pun kena main bola sama….dan HuaYong masih menuntut padang bola? atas dasar apa, hak? pelembagaan? atau apa?….
    Dengan 60 orang murid sekolah tersebut perlu ada seorang guru besar, dua penolong kanan, guru-guru mata-pelajaran, kerani dan pembantu am, termasuk pengawal keselamatan. Sekarang heboh dituntut kekurangan guru oleh DJZ, nak tunjuk perasaan lagi…apa kata saya syorkan salah satu sekolah tadi digabungkan, dimana salah satu terpaksa ditutup….HuaYong ada jawapan untuk itu? tak kisah dari segi fakta ke, bukti empirikal ke, retorik ke, atau apa saja…
    Apakah keadaan ini hanya berlaku di Batu Kurau sahaja atau banyak tempat lain, sekali lagi HuaYong tolong ceritakan pasal fakta, bukti empirikal dan retorik atau terus tuduh pak ard buat kelakar disini tetapi semuanya tak betul……

  8. orang kampong dan orang bandar same aja, ada yang bijak dan ada yang tak bijak, tapi u memang betul, kalu tak bijak kena belajar. i tak tahu mana tu batu kurau dan jelai, I juga langsung no idea demographic, jarak dan bilangan sekolah di tempat tu, minta maaf jika hujahan i silap dan salah fakta, I juga harap dapat belajar dari orang kampong tak kira yang bijak mahupun tak bijak.

    Lesson start, it seem like you love to compare, so let us compare. If we take a trip from Tapah to Cameroon Highland, we would notice there are many schools that are with very less student along the way, some even less than 60, what is your proposal if these schools face a problem of inadequate teachers, you demand for more teacher or you close down some of the school? And what if the SK at your kampong faced the same problem, you propose the same solution?

    You are the one that first brought out football field, not me, and any sane person would not make such a stupid analogy mentioning 8 football fields, and yes i am right, you are funnier than what I guessed earlier. Is that not the government role and responsibility to provide the basic amenities and resources to schools, and if the government failed in this aspect, am I wrong to let my voice hear? Why do I need to refer this to constitution, or you have no idea on how to be a human on earth and being a citizen in Malaysia? Whenever we are trying to let our government to acknowledge our impediment, why people like you over and over again telling us you are having a tougher life therefore we too do not have rights to let our voice being known? Can’t you at the least learn how to assert your rights and try not to impede the efforts of others?

    1. Izinkan saya Helen,..walaupun tak manis berdebat berlebihan di laman orang….
      Your paragraph 2 : you wrote :Lesson start…I say : thank you, teacher…. You asked two questions…My answer for your first question, i did proposed, my proposals are in my comments (no 9 paragraph 5 and no 14 paragraph 5) read again, for your second question my answer is YES, if the schools are not far apart like both JK schools in my kampong which I mentioned earlier, if they are SK, I will propose the same. It is what (I think) sekolah wawasan is all about, do you support sekolah wawasan, teacher?
      Your paragraph 3 : about the 8 football field,…did I mentioned after that…jika bilangan pelajar menjadi ukuran…read again, then think, don’t swallow, there is a very big difference between funny and stupid. You asked, is it not the government role to provide….yes and only a stupid government will provide stupidly to their people….and if the government fail? what? Fail to be stupid? And teacher, it is not wrong to let your voice heard, but let your ears listen too..and you asked I have no idea on how to be a human on earth and being a citizen in Malaysia…walawei, how to answer this? . The “we” is referring to the Chinese and “people like you” is referring to the Malays I presume, and my writings are never representing the Malays, I have no rights, and you (for “we”) have rights to let your voice being known but not to force us (for “people like you”) to follow blindly(read stupidly). Lastly, your last question teacher, “ Can’t you at the least learn how to assert your rights and try not to impede the efforts of others?”can I ask you back teacher, can you??? …
      ….and teacher, I don’t feel this is healthy anymore…goodnite teacher..

    2. A short note to state my support for Pakard’s arguments. If those schools with less than 60 pupils are the vernacular ones, they should not have been there in the first place. Where there are no adequate teachers, they should be advised to join the Sekolah Kebangsaan.

      Sarcasm and use of the word stupid does not help one’s arguments. The Government’s responsibilities are to provide amenities to the national schools or sekolah kebangsaan. One may state one’s opinion but one must be guided by the Constitution. And the Constitution is very clear on BM as the national language,

      Mandarin may be used only “for other than official purposes”; schools are the official purpose of any country and should use BM as the medium of instruction. Chinese schools have been given exemption and do not exist as a matter of right – they exist at the discretion and on the goodwill of the Education Minister.

  9. These are my observations.

    1.Usually these Chinese education groups use the election to push their agenda and extract maximum concessions from the govt. This is not a new trick but something that they have been doing for the last few elections.

    2.Some groups have recognized that the changed political scenario, the more competitive environment and a weaker government give them more leverage to aggressively push their demands and get their ways.

    3.DAP is a many-headed hydra like monster. To the Christians they parade Christian Right leaders such as Hannah “Bangsa Malaysia” Yeoh and Tony Pua. To the Muslims, they promote Ustazah Hajjah Hasnah Bte Yop and Khalifah Umar Lim. To the rural and Chinese-educated, they use issues such as DJZ. To the urban, English-educated they use LKS to stoke their fears on PPMSI. To the Indians, they roll out the Tamil Tigers-loving Prof Rama. They intend not just to fish in the troubled waters but they want to destroy the fabric of the country by tearing it apart using race and religious sentiments.

    4.This case of DJZ opposing non Mandarin speaking teachers is so typical of the Malaysian Chinese’s warped and deluded sense of unity and equality. To them this is a just cause because it is fighting for minority vs the “oppressive and racist” majority of UMNO/BN/Malay/Muslims. But if a Malay NGO (say Perkasa) demands only Malay teachers for SK, then the Malaysian Chinese and our Alterative Media will brand them as “racist”.

    Unfortunately this is exactly the kind of moves and actions that worry the Malays who are watching with increased alarm the strident and loud calls from the non bumis not just to demand for more but also reject the compromises made in the pre-Merdeka spirit (ie Article 153). It would have been more palatable if these people reject the Article 153 but show more willingness and loyalty to the nation.

    But look around us, especially at the Chinese youth, whom I would term as the Namewee-generation. The people of N-generation not only have no loyalty whatsoever to Malaysia but they positively embarrassed to be Malaysians and just waiting for the right moment to jump ship and leave the country. Yet these are the very same people demand for more and more rights -the kind of rights that they will happily forego when they go overseas.

    Re: DJZ extracting concessions on election eve. Earlier it was via the establishment conduits (Gerakan, MCA). It does not make sense that the govt would now grant concessions if demanded by DAP in a confrontational manner. So what are they (DJZ) thinking? — Helen

    1. Not too sure… however if I recall correctly the Suqiu demands prior to the 1999 was not channelled via MCA/Gerakan. I also recall seeing the New Era College students and teachers campaigning for DAP/PR in the 2004 and 2008 GEs.

      I think you might be correct in questioning why they are going head on this time instead of merely wanting to extract concessions. I am not familiar with the politics of the Chinese education NGOs but could it be that the leadership of DJZ is now in the hands of DAP supporters. If you might recall,Dr Kua was a former DAP MP and still writes books and magazines to attack UMNO and promote PR.

      It seems pollies from MCA, DAP & Gerakan were aligned with the DJZ activists at the Thean Hou temple 1987 protest. — Helen

      1. I think this is the pertinent point. We have a pattern where DJZ and the “Chinese” education proponents will amp up their rhetoric and propaganda come election season.

        And they are getting results, no? The Ministry of Education is scrambling to contain the matter. Isn’t it the way it works? Hindraf did it too before the last GE.

        So, the question if the method is legitimate or moral is moot. Everyone is doing it. I don’t think the leadership of DJZ is in the hands of DAP supporters, it is just that DJZ likes to gamble using “Chinese” education as their betting chip. That’s what BigCat noted, and I believe many Chinese parents will not forget.

        The politicisation of the vernacular schools have direct repercussions on the community, as well as on inter-ethnic relations. It has always been a contentious issue because it has been kept alive over the years. Imagine, if the MOE gives an inch today, they would find the goalpost being shifted by a yard. The PPSMI fiasco was clearly educational for our officers who had to deal with not just the linguistic right, but also the far out left.

        It will be the day if say A Samad Said lost his marbles and lend support to DJZ through its dotted connection with DAP, PAS and PKR (Pakatan) – BERSIH.

        So you tell me, is DAP’s involvement in DJZ this time round wise? I think an earlier assessment was correct, DAP knows it has no locus standi with the Malays, and the grassroot needed to reach out to the center by supporting the Chinese core. Judging from past experience, DJZ will no sooner discard DAP because they are only using all the support they can muster as a bargaining tool. The enemy is not the Government, DJZ only wants political pressure to bear on the MOE so that its officials become more pliable and accommodating.

        It’s a big gamble where one cannot be sure of the sociopolitical repercussions. (Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation’ series is great sci-fi about deliberate efforts to shape future outcomes.) — Helen

  10. Pak, first of all, don’t turn this into you Malay I Chinese debate okay? Of course you don’t represent the Malay and I don’t represent the Chinese, my point is do we have the rights to let our government acknowledge our problem. Re-read your tone in your own writing (atas dasar apa, hak? pelembagaan? atau apa? Sekarang heboh dituntut kekurangan guru oleh DJZ, nak tunjuk perasaan lagi) and pray tell do you respect my stance in the first place? Jarak and less student is a good gauge to assess whether to merge schools, this is a fair statement, I agree with you, however some historical event cause everyone saw the move/motive with suspicious mind.

    On Sekolah Wawasan (SW), I presume you know the condition required for a SW, exchange one to one! You see what are the issues here? Whenever and whatever proposal by people like you (YOU ONLY) is to draw a beautiful and delightful vision of sharing, playing together, learning of mother tongue BUT with the condition that Chinese school must closed down (diserapkan?) or exchange one to one. Hey, why can’t do it first and let the people (parents) evaluate, if the school is as good as what you have been sketching as in the vision, the parents would listen, would see, and make the wisest decision for their kids, and who care what DAP and DJZ say or do? Is that not a more positive deed by a government, to offer a choice and hopefully a better one? In fact I believe all parents regardless of race want to see their kids grow up in an upbringing that emphasize values like empathy, color blind, and lasting friendship. Please ask ourselves who could enable such an environment?

    PS/ My apology Pak if I sound harsh, perhaps you didn’t realize your sarcasm is overdoing, to me at least.

    PS// Helen, please delete if double posting. Maxis sucks!

  11. ..dibenarkan berhujah dan memberi pandangan masing-masing dalam ruanglingkup “bijaksana”. Hujah lawan hujah dan hujah berlandaskan ilmu pengetahuan tentang perkara yang dihujah.

    Apa yang penting ialah jangan mudah sangat melebelkan seseorang itu bodoh dalam hujahnya. Baca dan faham betul-betul apa yang dimaksudkan. Letakkan diri dalam keseimbangan pemikiran agar emosi sentiasa terkawal ketika berhujah. Di situlah letaknya cerminan diri seseorang individu dalam melontarkan pandangannya sama ada dia seorang yang berjiwa besar atau sebaliknya…!

    Kekadang terlalu asyik berbahasa Inggeris sehingga menjadi lembab dan lewat tangkap kefahaman serta penguasaan kita terhadap Bahasa Kebangsaan.

    Harap Pak Ard berlapang dada dan Hua Yong pun sudah memohon maaf. Hua Yong sangat terguris hatinya apabila membaca tulisan Park Ard yang terlebih tajam dari mata pedang…., luka di tangan nampak dilihat, luka di hati siapalah yang tahu….. kah..kah..kah..

  12. The other day, I was talking to my colleague regarding this issue to understand more since I’ve never study in a Chinese school all my life. He brought up the issue about Lim Fong Seng.

    You said there will be more confrontations with DAP getting involved with DJZ . I said nothing has changed so far as the post title above (Implikasi Dong Jiao Zong duduk semeja dengan DAP) suggested, is really a moot in my opinion. Reading this, this, this, this and this, tells me that, during the course of history, it has always been confrontational in the manner where Chinese education issues are being handled; be it with MCA or Gerakan ( Chinese representatives within the government in the past). It has always been this confrontational, now and forever.

    1. You are correct as they have always been confrontational but they also were smarter in using the on-coming GE as well as using MCA/Gerakan in getting what they wanted.

      However, to me they have abandoned their strategic position by joining force with DAP this time. It could be their leadership have been taken over by DAP supporters or that they think Pakatan will win the next GE.

      DJZ has a poor perception among the Malays and their partnership will only confirm this. To the Malays this looks like the PKM joining forces with PAP.

      “PKM joining forces with PAP” … classic! — Helen

    2. calvin my dear, read a bit more about djz, kua that quit dap is from djz, lee ban chen, whose malay is on par if no better than helen was also from djz.

      helen knows.

      I know Uncle Lee. Have the highest respect for both him & Dr Kua. — Helen

  13. i don’t know what really Gov intention to put us (guru yang tak tahu berbahasa cina) to sjkc… because, we faced a lot of problem when enter and teach there. the pupils cant understand us and we cant deliver our lessons well. this is such a wasting time…kesian dgn budak2 and kami juga kasihan. kalau boleh, kami nak ditempatkan di tempat yang sesuai. bukan kerana isu perkauman, tetapi atas dasar komunikasi dalam pendidikan.

    1. Ada cara yang lebih baik , yaitu mereka memperkasakan kebolehan mereka dalam BM. dengan meminta pertolongan kementerian dalam tambahan tenaga pegajar atau pengajaran intensif.

      Bukankan ini salah satu cara untuk menyelesaikan
      kelemahan mereka dalam BM dan sekali jalan membesarkan pilihan ‘pool’ tenaga guru untuk sekolah mereka.

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