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Hindraf kecam klip video hina Nabi

Penasihat nasional Hindraf N. Ganesan telah menghantar e-mel yang berikut untuk dipaparkan di blog ini.

Hindraf condemns the Innocence of Muslims YouTube video

By N. Ganesan

The extreme reactions across the Muslim world these last several days against the Youtube trailer of the movie Innocence of Muslims is nothing short of a manifestation of how the globalizing world should not be working.

The video is clearly an amateur production. It is clearly intended to insult. It is clearly done in a very short time, as if responding to some time window. The producers knew what they wanted to achieve – to trigger the same kind of response in the Muslim world as the Danish Cartoons.

Religion in our increasingly globalised world has come to define the identities of whole communities. Deep sensitivities attach to these identities especially in communities that see themselves as oppressed. It must also be remembered that this globalized world is also a very unjust and unfair world, and the oppressed far outnumber the oppressors.

Touching in such insulting ways as done in this video is clearly just a technique to exploit this sensitivity and to create trouble across the Muslim world, which sees itself as an oppressed nation now.

All justice-minded people have to understand that what we are experiencing is just an instance of this. This same process is employed by vested interests in so many other instances and in so many other forms across the world, both across borders and within borders.

Looking at all the possibilities behind this episode and at all the implications of this episode, Hindraf comes to the final conclusion that this video is a deliberate and provocative act to touch insultingly on the deep sensitivities of the Islamic community and to cause anger and to trigger unrest and instability to the benefit of the perpetrators of this video. That Hindraf believes is the root purpose of this video.

In line with this understanding, Hindraf strongly condemns this act by the producers of this video in insulting Islam and Muslims across the world. These kinds of acts have to be stopped regardless of where they originate or where they find their effect as today national borders do not mean much. So whatever actions have to be taken against the perpetrators of this video must be taken to prevent recurrence.

In the same vein, we call upon the Malaysian government to view this episode for the lessons this episode has for Malaysia. We ourselves are a nation made up of a multicultural and multireligious population and effectively are a microcosm of the globalized world. This episode has clear lessons for us all on oppression and on equality and dignity.

As long as there is oppression of one nation by another, or of one community by another or of one class by another, this state of affairs is going to continue. We, the people therefore have to understand that the root cause of such tendencies within our world is the presence of oppression. Only when all oppression ends can we expect to find an end to exploitation of the differences that are intrinsic in our globalized world, purely for the benefit of vested interests of the few. Only then, will there prevail circumstances where we can expect all citizens to live in equality and with dignity.

The people have to become aware of this fundamental principle and oppose oppression wherever and in whatever form they exist.

Hindraf’s raison d’etre is to contribute to the development of this awareness in Malaysia in the Malaysian form. Therefore Hindraf takes a serious view of this video both for what it implies now specifically to all the Muslims of the country and for what it implies universally to all similar situations wherever sensitivities of the weak are transgressed for the benefit of the greedy and the powerful.


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5 thoughts on “Hindraf kecam klip video hina Nabi

    1. These ads are the work of Pamela Geller, a crazy anti islam women who try to link all evils to islam like saying hitler was inspired by mohammad, such idiots should be ignored, do not give her publicity.

  1. A civil response that is much appreciated and agreed upon.

    However, we must not cheat ourself that discrimination or to a large extent evils acts creayed by humanity can be eliminated entirely, that is a terrible ethos embraced by the West which justify their acts of terror on the world from the golden age of the new world until recent-the massacre of te Aztecs by Cortez(who sleeps wit prostitutes) under the name of the church, the white man missions to bring to darrk continent Africa which resulted in slavery, and apartheid, colonialism and lest we forget the two world wars, in each of the west venture, one side is good and the other side evil(saracens, heathens, imperial and communist china), an ethos still echoes by west today by George W Bush(either you are with us or againts us) and the German Chancellor Merkel and PM of dead UK empire David Cameron(multiculturalis has failed which i see as another pro white european stance aka apartheid).

    Let us see discrimination or any other negative acts/attitudesas a negative energy that has to be balance with positive ones, hate with compassion, stupidity with reason, however, it is unevitable that acts of barbarity such as the insulting video or other acts of terror such as the drone attacks that continue to killl children in Afghanistan will have an opposite and equal negative reaction, such as the execution of the US ambassador in Libya and the riots,and lest we forget the 911 attacks that led to the invasion of two muslim countries, the americans spending$2 trillion in the process and leading to the subprime crisis and european economic crisis one shit after another, but like the raging tsunami, it will subside into the calm sea and from there hopefully the moderates and clear headed learn a lesson to be passed to the future.

    As for Malaysia case, the West dengerade of the Malaysian nationhood,is that because we never had the baggage of bloody history despite the chaotic affair of our race relations and the threats of economic vulnerability to global shocks…slavery, extermination of whole civilizations through military force, vaporizing cities with atomic bombs, cultural revolutions and pogroms or even violent separation pakistan and india style or yugoslavia style..malaysia is spared from all that so far, it is to opinion that Malaysians strive to contimue to maintain this nation as clean as possible from any evils ever commited by the west, to remain better than the West or even the Arabs, India amd China.We do not need to bea superpower or nuclear power to better, for 55 years, we have been better and have enough time resources(the land,oil and human capital) to become even more better.

  2. Hindraf kena berhati2. kalau tersilap langkah, nanti dituduh racist pulak kerana mengecam klip video tu. kan kat Malaysia kita tahu Malay = Muslim. nanti sepoi2 DAP kata Hindraf mendukung politik perkauman. ingin saya nasihat, biar apapun, Hindraf perlu berwaspada.

    biar apapun, kini pertubuhan India pun tampil kehadapan mengecam video klip tu. yang paling tak hairan, sehingga kini tidak ada satu pun Chinese NGO pun yang mengecam video klip tu.

    apa yang pelik ? sebenarnya, tidak ada pun yang pelik. kita semua dah tahu, yang bersorak dengan gila apabila video menghina Islam tu dikeluarkan adalah pengikut/penyokong parti yang syiok sendiri dengan kuasanya kat Penang.

    1. The chinese NGOs are doing the right thing by staying quiet as this issue is beyond their comprehension, if they condemn the anglophiles chinese marah, kalau criticize get whack by perkasa. in the end the persatuan cina in their little worlds do not bother us, it is the anglophile that go into our mosques like nuns and strip when outside the mosque, like snakes.

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